Kira Stevens on getting to Broadway and Breaking Records as a Paralympic Athlete!!


We had the pleasure of catching up with the extremely talented and upcoming Broadway Producer, 16 year old Kira Stevens. In spite of being diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy, Kira has gone onto see herself being recognised as an accomplished athlete, actress, producer, writer & director, all whilst going through the motions of student studies! 

She explains how her journey started through taking theater classes when she was 4 to 5 years old. “I always grew up performing and singing … My parents had me try out a lot of different things to get me going and found theatre, swim and track kind of stuck!”. Kira does however open up about the reality of going through the motions of acting at such a young age. Referencing points within her young career when she would cry if she had to do an improv or create a character in general. So, the fact the young Broadway producer is finding love for performance 12 years on admittingly is quite surreal.

Coming of Age – Producer

Kira explains how she will always in her heart be an actress. Highlighting that whilst getting involved very early on in acting, she found during the pandemic she turned to creating stories for the sole purpose of creating her own opportunities. In light of this new found purpose, the young producer has found opportunities have presented themselves more freely than she could ever have envisioned. On focusing on her script writing, Kira finds the greatest challenge coming from the mental aspect. Highlighting how as a writer you have to go through a number of revisions, and even when you think you have scored a hit; you inevitably find yourself re-writing again! The key is to trust the process, not rush and believe in your creative and articulate outlet.

When it comes to theatre itself, Kira points to her love of performing every since she was a little girl. She highlights how she has approached each day not wanted to be in a position where she looks back with regrets. Going onto highlight how she feels like she performs better under pressure. Whether this be having a crowd watching your every move or having a stadium of people cheering you on!

Not just a Job!

Kira does not see her creative journey as a job. Instead choosing to put forward the phrase, which for her holds true! “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!”  Pointing out how she loves connecting with people around the world and people that she dreamed about talking to as a little girl! However, given her student studies which take priority among her creative & theatrical future; she makes the point of noting that she goes to school and that always comes first.

“I know taking AP/Honors/College classes are tough and “working” is kind of a relief and a goal! Once I get my school done, I work on my goals in the industry and/or go to track/swim practice! Going to an online school really helps!” 

Staying humble, she does admits that she feels she is starting to make a real difference. Non more so with the advice that comes from other aspiring actors & actresses, in addition to the overwhelming support she has received on Instagram for the incredible work she is producing. For Kira, she admits to feeling very gracious to having these people support her!

 As for her aspirations going forward, the young producer is putting her school first. Thsi being said, Kira is keen to see her vision of being an actress on a broadway stage, win an EGOT, go on a world tour, get a long lasting role on a tv series, go to the Paralympic Games, try to break more records, and level up in track and field! Safe to say her ambitions are set high, with a firm plan on how to achieve them!

 She opens up about the harsh reality of trying to make it as a producer in theatre. “I’ve gained so much respect for the producers, writers and ANYONE who works in this industry! It’s a LOT of rejection and you really have to have tough skin (I learned that very quickly) I always thought that it was hard and everyone was super mean and ruthless!” Further highlighting how when she first started it was the rejection that got to her the most. Freely admitting to the harsh reality that comes with keeping your eye on the prize, and to not let anyone stand in your way from achieving your dreams. Her advice is one of the harsh realities with stepping forward and taking hold of your vision, but in equal measure vitally important to take note of! I would say, keep at it and don’t let anyone stand in your way!! I know it’s easier said than done but also find those people who support you!

Kira recommends anyone interested in following producing as a route to learn patience and the need to let go of the idea of being perfect! Something she openly still struggles with! However, worth pursuing to hone your craft!#watchthisspace