Los Angeles artist BlÜ Eyes on Just Life & Finding Her Own Identity


“I grew up in a super musical family and started writing songs pretty naturally. It’s so cheesy, but I really don’t think I “chose” this path, I really think it’s just something I think I’ve always been meant to do. The music industry is so complicated and weird, you have to be EXTREMELY passionate about music to really stay in it.” – BlÜ Eyes 

We caught up with the upcoming Los Angeles based artist following the release of her latest single Just Life. A song written for her close friends. She explains how on showing up to their session, the trio (Jonny Shorr and Haley Joelle) started discussing the idea of writing a song as a kind of letter to your past self. The artist explains post production that challenges in life are always there to help you better yourself in some way. Highlighting how it has helped her zoom out and find little moments of peace when she feels like her whole world is crumbling, confident in the knowledge of knowing she will get through it.

Finding Her Own Identity

BlÜ Eyes describes her music as cinematic bedroom pop. Pointing out how her lyrics are very conversational, based on her own personal life experience. Whilst referencing towards her music offering a soft, warm, and cozy feeling to it. With a key point on her vocals which she feels most proud of, and something she finds humbly people tend to gravitate towards.

She highlights her favourite song as being one of her latest singles “Blessing”. A song for which holds a very special place in her heart, and something she is incredibly proud of. Further highlighting how she is keen to invoke an emotion of nostalgia, sadness, hope and freedom through her music.

Strength in Family

BlÜ Eyes points out how her family and close friends have been incredibly supportive of her music from day 1. Admitting how without them she would not be where she is today! She opens up about seeing a surge in her anxiety this year, most notably around releasing new music.

“It’s scary to put yourself out there as an artist, and even scarier to be on edge about how “successful” your release will go. I am very much an extrovert, so spending time with friends (safely, of course) really helps me forget about those little worries for a little while and find some inner peace. Just meeting my friend at the dog park or something for an hour really helps me clear my head and be thankful for where I’m at.”

Looking at social media, she notes how it is very difficult to find a good balance of utilizing it to help move her career forward and taking care of her mental health. Noting how it’s hard to be present when you’re constantly worried about how you look, or what your caption should be, or filming whatever you’re doing instead of just being present and enjoying it.

Finding the Right Mix

For the artist finding the right mix of people to support you is extremely important. “I think trying to impress people that simply have a preference for something other than what you do is a waste of time. Focusing on continuing to impress the people that love what you do already is a powerful thing”. She advises to hone your taste for your music. To listen, figure out what you want, and GO FOT IT! To not try make music you think other people want to hear, but instead make music you want to listen to.

With plans in the works on producing an album, which the artist explains will be out early 2021. #Watchthisspace

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