Runrummer – pushing through struggles and inspiring creativity


Creating soundwaves ever since she got her first guitar at aged just 12, rising force Runrummer has come a long way from writing EDM toplines for her DJ friends in her bedroom throughout her youth. Now set to be a big name in the industry, her new single ‘I Like Getting High (But Not All The Time)’ is already making ripples in the alt-pop scene. Catchy, melodic and infused with sounds that lend themselves to ‘80s pop, her latest EP has already caught the attention of music lovers across the globe due to its unique and uplifting vibe.

Growing up listening to her parents’ record collection – which included the likes of Kate Bush and David Bowie – it’s clear to see where Runrummer gets her ‘80s-inspired sound from. “There was always music blaring in our house while I was growing up,” she tells Student Pages. “My mum and dad have been strong influences musically. That’s what I grew up listening to and I think what gave me the buzz in terms of catchy melodies, hooks and synths.”

But like many talented young people going through the struggles of high school, a huge influence in her youth took the form of a less positive muse. Affected by bullying throughout secondary education, the 25-year-old artist began to use her talent as a form of escapism. “It was the one way to be myself; to completely lose myself in something and not give a shit about what anyone else was thinking. I could power all my emotions and feelings into the songs I was writing, which was a good outlet.”

Her saviour through it all? Music. While her talent kept her driving forward throughout education, Runrummer traces her on-and-off battle with depression all the way back to high school. As her struggles peeked when she started full-time employment in a London office shortly after graduating from university, she knew something had to give.

“Within the first 6 months I was in a really dark place and feeling the lowest I’ve ever been,” the rising musician tells us. That soon changed when Livi Morris’ alias, Runrummer, began to grow legs and – well, run. Recently tipped as BBC Introducing’s ‘one to watch’ for 2020, that time spent in a loveless vocation is nothing but a distant memory. Now surrounded by loyal fans and people who share her passion, her memories spent around those who didn’t share her passion grow weaker by the day.

Seeking to spur on those in a similar position as her former self, the alt-pop artist urges: “make the most of your free time while you have it. Meet as many people as you can. Go to gigs. Write songs. Develop your image. Go to lectures. Perfect your craft. So once you’ve got a job and start earning money, you can get straight into the studio knowing exactly what you’re doing and want to create.”

It certainly worked for Runrummer – now working on fine-tuning her second EP that’s set to drop soon, the songwriter has set her intentions on allowing herself more downtime as she’s forced to reschedule her upcoming tour due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the extra free time to focus solely on the things she loves most, she asks: “Does going to the pub with your mates count as a hobby?”

Yes, yes it does. Here’s to catching up with Runrummer in the pub when social distancing is but a mere memory.

Gabriella Wieland
Author: Gabriella Wieland

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