Small Town Crime Review

Small Town Crime poster
Small Town Crime poster

Small Town Crime tells the story of an alcoholic ex-cop who finds a young woman’s body and commits himself to finding her killer.

It’s not the most original premise, and neither is the plot, character development, or execution. And that’s the first impression I got from this movie: that it didn’t stray an inch from its genre’s conventions. This doesn’t necessarily connote a bad movie. Netflix’s Stranger Things and Paco Plaza’s Veronica are perfect examples of this. Unfortunately, Small Town Crime doesn’t do the same for the hard-boiled crime genre.

It’s an enjoyable experience, only one that you’ll forget instantly. It’s a popcorn flick, but not one with the eye-candy spectacle that accompanies a blockbuster budget. The plot develops in interesting, occasionally unpredictable ways. But rather than being edge-of-your-seat tension, you’ll best enjoy this movie slumped back in an armchair. The acting was also good, but, don’t expect it to win any awards. The the writing also holds any potential for relatable performances, particularly John Hawkes’. His unfulfilled potential and backstory cried out for more attention. Essentially, the movie presents a largely paint-by-numbers plot, which sadly forces characterisation into the backseat.

The second and third acts also rush through the plot, a little too unfocused. The script demanded a re-write if it hoped to deliver anything spectacular.

Written by Edward Jones – Student Pages Sub Editor

Small Town Crime
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