After graduation, it can often come as a surprise how difficult it is to get a job in your chosen field. International trade can be a challenging industry to break into as a recent graduate.

However, there are a number of things that you can do in order to improve your chances of kickstarting your career in international trade. This can include, exploring areas like international marketing, shipping, insurance, law, regulation, etc.

Getting experience within the field can go a long way when demonstrating to potential employers that you are a great candidate. This is due to the fact you have an understanding of elements surrounding international trade like export controls law firms or international trade regulations. Here are our five top tips to help graduates start their carer in international trade…

1.   Network

In many industries networking is crucial and the same can be said if you want a career in international trade.

Networking is where you build relationships with a number of fellow professionals within your desired industry. It requires you to be charismatic and open to approaching and getting to know new people regularly.

Studies have shown that people who network have many more job opportunities than those who do not. Networking can help you open doors to opportunities you would never have even heard about beforehand.

In order to network as a recent graduate, you need to take advantage of all the opportunities around you. This can include, connecting with professionals working in your desired field on LinkedIn, and attending virtual and in-person career fairs. As well as, following, liking and being actively involved in social media discussions about international trade.

Once you have established yourself as someone who is not only interested in the industry but who has a deep understanding of it, you are more likely to be invited to events where you will have the opportunity to connect with more professionals.

2.   Internships and Apprenticeships

Another way to put yourself in the best position to start your career in international trade as a graduate is through interns and apprenticeships.

When you have graduated it’s beneficial to apply for every opportunity available to you in international trade, including internships and apprenticeships. There is nothing that will improve your chances of getting the position that you want like hands-on experience working in that or a related field.

Interns and apprenticeships can help you to learn from your personal experience and begin to build practical skills within the industry you want to work in. Additionally, you will be making connections within the industry and have a great way to show your dedication and drive on your CV.

3.   Gain Relevant Industry Experience

However, getting an apprenticeship or internship in international trade is not the only way for you to gain relevant experience within the industry.

You can take an online class, keep up to date on industry news, and actively seek out ways to build your experience in international trade. When you come to applying for entry-level jobs having this sort of experience on your CV will show how passionate you are about becoming an international trade specialist and can increase your chances of getting the job.

4.   Become Certified

Another way that graduates can increase their chances of starting a career in international trade is by getting certified.

Within every career, there are a number of additional qualifications that you can have to show how dedicated you are to the career path and industry you are in. This may be something as small as getting a LinkedIn certification for using technologies and resources that are commonly used in the field, to earning your Certified International Trade Professional certification.

Doing this will let potential employers know how serious you are about international trade and give them confidence in your ability to perform the job to the expected standard.

5.   Look to a Mentor for Advice and Guidance

Finally, a great way to increase your chances of building a career in international trade is by finding a mentor.

A mentor is someone who is experienced in the industry you are interested in and is willing to pass on their knowledge to help you progress in your career. They will often help you to build your network, encourage you to build your knowledge of the industry and give you practical advice and guidance that you can use moving forward.

There are a number of places in which you may be able to find and connect with a mentor, from online industry events to programs specifically designed to match graduates with industry experts.

These individuals can be a massive help to graduates who want to build both their confidence and industry knowledge.

Starting a Career in International Trade as a Recent Graduate

There are many ways in which you can improve your chances of starting a career in international trade, from getting an internship and having a mentor to guide you, to gaining valuable experience with online certifications.

In any case, it’s necessary to be actively perusing your career goals and working to build the skills necessary to excel in the industry.