US Trio .wavrunner on their debut single “Uh Huh, I like it”!


We caught up with US trio .wavrunner following the release of their debut album Uh huh, I like it! The trio pointing out how the theme behind the album was born out of the realization that they could be something if they put their mind to it! The album itself provided the confidence the artists believe they needed to compete in today’s music industry. Projecting their ethos of having fun, laughter and the ambition to entertain! This being said, the artists (Jack Wesley, younger brother JJ and Griff) admit to marching to the beat of a different drum. For Griff,  writing lyrics, focusing on music and forming a band was a logical progression. Highlighting how when everyone else at his school was applying to colleges, he knew within himself that his path lay in a more creative fork of the road. “I felt I was born to entertain people so wanted to focus on mass communication through my music”. 

In the boys own words, when it comes to describing their music, “It’s like getting high, having sex and scoring the game-winning touchdown all in one. We feel great and we want you to feel the best you have ever felt.  It’s that simple”.

The trio want to make people feel like they’ve seen the brighter side. Pointing out how whilst they may look like three guys literally walking through life having fun, they are still working their “asses off” and climbing the mountain that is the music industry.  The boys want their connection with fans to be a motivating experience. Keen to hit every nerve in your body through their music; and in doing so activate the listerners emotions and believing they are capable of anything.  

Griff opens up about being a recovering drug addict. Highlighting how his journey was a rollercoaster ride from a very young age…

 “I spent time in treatment and together with my family, I worked through a very difficult moment in time. Anything I put my energy into, I become addicted to. That is my personality. That is my DNA. I have to live with that and monitor myself at every turn.  After I got clean, JJ, Jack and I formed .wavrunner. Now that addictive personality of mine has re-channeled all of my energy into my band and our music”. 

The boys highlight the importance of building a solid network around you, non more so than in their capacity within the music industry. Referencing their management team at Elevation, they are indebted to Paul Meany for the input he has given to them in opening the boys eyes to a world of creative opportunity. With firm belief within themselves that they are on the cusp of greatness, stengthened by the team they have supporting the  .wavrunner vision.

The trio’s biggest challenge to date has been the effect of the pandemic. Keeping their sanity through lockdown and being persistent with everything going on in the US, ranging from George Floyd, riots, elections has taken its toll! However, even in the face of these challenges, the trio remain positive believing you have to keep pushing. To block out the distractions, stay focused, keep reaching for the top and most importantly have fun. “We all need to have more fun. And that’s the bottom line in our music. Just have fun”.

The trio are currently placing all their efforts into recording and delivering three great songs early in the new year. Rehearsing every day, the trio are firm in their aspirations that whilst touring will not likely take place until the summer, they’lI be ready!#watchthisspace

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