UK artist Jennah on her latest release Firing Line & Recovering from Alcohol & Drug Addiction!


We caught up with UK based artist Jennah following the release of her latest entry “Firing Line”. Having recently recovered from years of alcohol & drug addition (2 1/2 years clean), Jennah explains how the song itself reflects alot about her life so far, with the lyrics in the song transitioning from a victim to becoming a survivor. “It’s really capturing that feeling I think we all have from time to time that the world is out to get us… I think it’s a pretty relatable song”.

The artist goes on to point out how her journey has very much been that historically she has felt as though she is always in the firing line or has been the centre of a drama or problem. Opening up how through her recovery for drug and alcohol abuse; she feels completely different. However, still feels the song captures certain struggles we can all face from time to time.

The artist openly admits she has not had much in the way of training to get where she is today and for that she feels truly blessed. “Singing is something that’s always been able to do and it’s always been a release for me. When I figured out it made other people happy too I just knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life”.

Describing her music as empowering, soulful, heartfelt and relatable; Jennah points to drawing a lot of her creativity and drive from the people she met through her recovery. Having been affected by bullying growing up, she explains how this led her towards taking drugs from the age 13/14 as a coping mechanism. “I wish I had learnt about self acceptance, compassion for myself and self love as these are some of the tools I use today that really help me deal with life. Now that I embrace the things that make me stand out – I’ve never felt more confident”. She goes onto highlight that from the age of 15 she was diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder); which she explains looking back that a great deal of her symptoms were down to excessive drug use and sleep deprivation.

Using Social Media to Raise Awareness

Jennah explains that when she was in active addiction she did not see many people openly talking about their struggles. Openly admitting how she did not really know anyone who had come out the other side and managed to live a happy fulfilled life. Thus for the artist, using the platform she is building to raise awareness for those out there who might be struggling with addiction or mental health issues is really important. 

When it comes to pursuing music, and finding the right network, the artist believes that sharing a passion for music with another person or many other people is one of the most amazing things in life that helps build strong bonds as human beings.

Her advice for those aspiring to get into the music industry is to not take rejection personally. “You just may not be what they are looking for at that specific point in time – it does not mean you’ve failed. There can be so many set backs in the music industry, but if you can learn to take constructive criticism on board and not get offended by it, that is key. Also it is very important to realise that you are never better than anyone else”.

She goes onto highlight that a musician or singer who comes across as arrogant or cocky is the most unattractive trait. To celebrate other peoples’ wins. Be kind and caring. Think before you speak and always be gracious. Above all, to thank your fans as often as you can as they are the only reason you are still going.#watchthisspace