British Artist The Prosaics on their new single Frown


Prosaics front man (A.G Williams), does not see themselves within the music industry. Instead choosing to keep it at arms length as much as it offers the band. Pointing to their mutual understanding of no love, only what needs to be done and the occasional petting.

We caught up with the artist following the release of his latest entry Frown. A song that explores the underappreciated notion that all emotions should be considered worthwhile in the human experience. Williams goes onto point out how the song shines a light on the engrained attitude we all exhibit of; “pedal-stooling happiness, prioritising it for others above the genuine, healthy misery they feel, and branding those who cannot conform as “mentally unwell”.”
He describes their sound as a raised eyebrow, a disapproving glance over one’s spectacles, to reference a few. Williams finds inspiration through his own hunger to achieve Prosaics vision.​ The artist chooses to see his sound as untouchable. Referencing the deep emotional hunger that exists to develop his sound to where it is today! This being said, the artist admires anybody who is doing something different.
Prosaics is currently working on an 8 bit remix of their new single, with plans to release in the near future! #watchthisspace