Creator & Model Aidan Chappell on life in the fast stream!


For Aidan Chappell, modeling has always been a passion. Having first been introduced to the industry pre-covid in 2018. Fast forward to 2021, with the uptake of TikTok, Aidan found himself benefitting from a large fan base, which led to more brands showing an interest in the model. 

I started TikTok a few years ago and started an account with my friend. We grew over 50k followers in 3 months. After these three months I decided I wanted to be an independent creator”.

Having been brought up in the country, he always dreamed of moving to a big city. He finds his greatest challenge as being judged and challenged by a host of people since he has grown his following. He in turn uses this energy to give him more motivation to treat the TikTok community with kindness and post positive videos! 

“Losing drive is one of the biggest problems I have when it comes to TikTok! But the community keeps me motivated. Ideas sometimes are hard to come up with, but overall I’m a creative person and overcome this problem easily!”

Looking forward, the model is keen to keep building on his social media success and creating content for his followers. With the advice to those seeking to open up a channel of their own. That whilst it’s not an easy task, to not give up. To be consistent and make quality content. To be positive!! #watchthisspace