Yorkshire based LUMER on their journey to their new EP “Disappearing Act”


“The people in your life make you who you are and push you to be the person you’ve grown up trying to have known”.

Alex evans [lumer]

We caught up with Frontman Alex Evans [LUMER]. He starts by pointing to the inspiration behind their music. Referencing The Fall, The Birthday Party, Josef K, amongst a few; he explains how the band have learnt alot about the direction and the vision they want for the band, and the different influences they want to look to in order visualize their dream. 

 “I think we all got into the industry in different ways really. My brother, Will and I have been playing together ever since we were very young in various different and somewhat embarrassing groups”.

Describing their music as loud and abrasive, Alex’s personal favourite creation to date has been their “Another Day at the Zoo” release. Lyrics that sought to voice the bands view of the “wrongs of the world”. The artist highlights how the whole industry of any art bares a form of anxiety. A weight that holds you back from achieving he explains. It is for this reason, Alex is extremely grateful for the close group of friends that have formed through their band. When you are trying to pursue world dominance, it can feel like you can never be where you want to be. I’ve always had spells of depression and anxiety, but I believe the best ways to overcome it is by talking about it and learning to shove it in a corner and not letting it win”. 

The frontman explains how the most important people they met on their journey were those that shared the same taste in music to the sound they were trying to create. In doing so, this allowed the boys to expand their reach quite quickly through networking through different bands across the UK, and overseas. Simply put, Alex, explains how one of the joys of playing is getting to collaborate and make a broad group of friends who share the same interest.

The band are currently producing a lot of new material and sharing it with their respective network. With plans to release more music throughout 2021…#watchthisspace