YouTube Sensation Zoe Nazarian on Teenage Advice led content & Making a Difference!


Born and raised in Southern California, we caught up with YouTube sensation Zoe Nazarian. An actress who has had a passion for performing since the age of 13. Having grown frustrated with moving from audition to audition, Zoe decided to take the reigns and so began her journey into the world of social media. 

I liked developing characters, being silly and taking part in all the trending challenges all the other Youtuber’s were taking part in. Today, I find myself posting more on Instagram and Tik Tok and post an occasional video on YouTube as the platform has changed a lot.

Zoe explains that her favourite types of videos to create are where she can just be herself. With a belief that the coolest element of the online video world lies with how at the end of the day, we are all people with shared experiences, being able to laugh at ourselves and embrace being authentic. 

Teenage Advice led Content

Zoe started to realize that a lot of the comments she was getting through her growing following on YouTube, were related to her younger audience about how she did her hair, makeup, what do to if they had a crush, etc. “I have a younger brother and I realized that I didn’t grow up getting big sister advice and it seems a lot of my viewers didn’t either”. This realization led Zoe to making making most of her videos about her daily routine and giving advice, in addition to maintaining the silliness and fun that got her started as a creative in the first place. Highlighting how growing up, she always looked to create content that could entertain. The ability to directly engage with her audience is an incredible bonus which she thoroughly enjoys.

“The two messages that I always try to give my audience is 1) to be your authentic self &have confidence and 2) always be kind to others”.

Zoe explains that prior to delving into the creative landscape, she had always wanted to be a teacher. With a view that what she does now is a natural progression from her childhood vision. Especially as she gets to entertain and teach a thing or two to her younger audience on a platform that she has grown into a global following. I think burn out happens to the best of us. There are times when I create a lot of content, that I think is very good or that I know I put a lot of time into, that just don’t pop like I had hoped”. She goes onto explain how these are the times when she second guesses herself and loses drive. As with everything else in life, consistency is key. 

Making a Difference

Zoe points out that it’s the times that she is approached by fans who tell her that her content made them happy or changed them in some way, realizing what she does casts a wider net. Making a difference is what counts for Zoe, not about the popularity that comes with running a successful social media account.

At her heart, Zoe would like to progress more into acting. For now, her short-term goals are to finish college, continue working on content for her socials and auditioning as much as she can. Medium term, she hopes all the hard work she is putting in short term, will be fruitful going forward!

Her advice is not to just focus on YouTube! To create content, consistently, across all socials and have fun with it. To create because you love creating! Everything else will fall into place. #watchthisspace