Atomic Blonde: Film Review


Written by James Reilly – Student Pages Entertainment Journalist/Film Critic

Film Rating: 


Atomic Blonde, directed by John Wick alumni David Letich, stars Charlize Theron in yet another role since her action hero renaissance (ala Mad Max: Fury Road). Here she plays a British intelligence agent caught up in the collapse of the Berlin wall who must stop secrets getting out that could put in jeopardy the lives of many secret service men and woman around the world.

First off the film is visually a joy to behold. The vibrant colours, cinematography and editing make this film very attractive to look at. The visual storytelling is truly fantastic and there are some truly mind-blowing action set pieces, the likes of which I’d consider to be the greatest I’ve ever seen put to film (especially a jaw-dropping ‘single shot’ set piece which blew me away). However its where the plot comes into it that makes this film less than perfect.

If this was like John Wick, where the action and hero take center stage to a simple, coherent plot – it would be on par if not better (some of the action really is that good), however the plot is a mess. At best it makes sense, at worst it is incoherent, boring and nonsensical.

If you can turn your brain off and just enjoy the action set pieces and the superb display by Theron, and also the rest of the cast, then you’ll have a good time – which I mostly did. The action does elevate it from not good, to pretty good so fans of the genre should be able to have fun here.

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