Brighton (UK) punks THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS have announced their brand new album ‘AboveThe Static’ which is out the 31st March via Pure Noise Records. We caught up with Guitarist Karl Smith and Vocalist T.J McFaull to discuss their latest album, and what their fans can look forward to!

Karl points out that he has been a music fan since a very young age. The idea of making noise just seemed to resonate with the musician. He recalls his first concert in 2003 (a band called InMe) and it “blew his tiny 14-year-old brain”. He explains that this was the catalyst that inspired him to pursue music as a career. For Karl, the joy of being in a band and producing music is closely equalled by the joy of travelling the world with his best friends creating a safe place for all people to come and sing and dance. Learning about new cultures and meeting inspirational people.


For their new album, TJ explains how the band took more risks on this album and as a result we’re abke to be braver in their music writing than they had ever been before. “There are moments on this album where we’ve stripped everything away except the vocals, and we learned to be way more vulnerable. The inspiration behind the music was an attempt to give everyone a break”. TJ points out that there is so much interference and distortion in the modern world that it’s hard to think, let alone find some peace in amongst it all. So ‘Above the Static’ was inspired by the total absurd sh*t-show that modern society is becoming, and designed to take everyone away from the madness for a minute.

The band describe their music as heartfelt, catchy and powerful. It’s music for everyone, they explain. Choosing to write from the heart, and the band humbly highlight their strength for writing massive choruses.

“I think that one of the things that stands out the most about BSP is that we write the choruses that we’d want to scream at the top of our lungs at a festival. We also aren’t afraid of talking about the big issues: mental health, rebellion, abuse and family, all set to massive catchy anthems, so that’s always made us stand out too”. (T.J McFaull – Vocalist)

All Turned Blue

Karl highlights his favourite song as being a toss-up between their latest single ‘All Turned Blue’ and their upcoming single ‘Doorstep’. All Turned Blue was one of those songs that just write themselves, Karl explains. He recalls how he wrote the music for it within a few hours and sent it to TJ. TJ added the words/melody in about an hour and the song was finished.

“I love everything about this song honestly. It wasn’t even meant to be on this record either but one of the songs wasn’t working so we decided to give this one a shot and the rest of the guys in the band had never heard the song before so everyone quickly learnt it and we recorded it and I think that we captured a lovely little spark in doing so”. (Karl Smith – Guitarist)

Doorstep on the other hand is a bit of a sidestep stylistically for us but we never really like to put ourselves into a box anyways honestly, he explains. It is a big stomping pop tune that Karl can’t wait for people to hear. Karl goes onto reference their friend Kevin Bivona from the Interrupters, who was involved with mixing both of the songs. 

Karl explains that the new album takes you on wild ride through emotions as there are happy songs, sad songs, songs about love and songs about hate. As a band, he explains, they don’t shy away from talking about difficult subjects or things that are important to them. The band hope that people can relate to the messages in the songs and that they want to come along and sing their hearts out with the artists when they play live. 

“I actually still love picking up my guitar. It never gets boring picking it up and seeing what comes out. I love writing songs for fun, most of which will never see the light of day but I just love writing and creating”. (Karl Smith – Guitarist)

Influenced by artists including Joe Strummer, Imogen Heap, Freddie Mercury and Desmond Child; the band admire anybody who will take action to fight against racism, sexism, homophobia or fighting for the rights of animals.

Karl highlights the biggest challenge so far as being himself. He opens up about struggling constantly with his mental health and with anxiety. Which can be very difficult at times. He explains that it is something he sees quite often in the music industry and it is rarely spoken about. Recalling coming across countless musicians that are struggling in one way or another. He believe its important to be open about mental health and to create places for people to talk. 

The Future

The band are currently working towards the release of their brand-new album ‘Above the Static’ which will be released on March 31st on Pure Noise Records. Pre-sale for the album is already available and has been going great! The band are scheduled to play at InCider Fest on Feb 3rd which will include artists such as Nosebleed, Cut Capers and Ghosts of Men. 

With plans to hit the road in March for their album release tour. Including plans to head out to Europe first; returning in April to the UK for a 13 date tour; before heading over to the USA for 5 weeks. “It’s going to be an incredibly exciting year for us and we cannot wait!” #watchthisspace

See The Bar Stool Preachers at the following dates:
 9th April – The Waterloo Music Bar, Blackpool
19th April – Lost Horizon Arts Centre & Bar, Bristol
20th April – The Castle & Falcon, Birmingham
21st April – Corporation, Sheffield
26th April – The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes
27th April – Waterfront Studio, Norwich
28th April – The Engine Shed, Lincoln
29th April – Green Door Store, Brighton
30th April – Underworld, London
3rd May – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
5th May – Bannerman’s, Edinburgh
6th May – Riverside Newcastle, Newcastle
Tickets on sale now – HERE

 Above The Static is released 31st March 2023. Pre-order – HERE