British Artist Azadeh on “The Cure” & Taking Control


“Music was always there waiting for me, it was just a matter of time before I listened to the calling. ” – Azadeh

Up until very recently, the exceptionally talented Azadeh had never sought her trajectory to take a path towards a career in music. Following graduation from the University of Edinburgh, she got stuck into politics by landing a permanent job at the European Parliament. Naturally ecstatic about the appointment, she had her sights on changing the world; campaigning on behalf of Animal Welfare, Human rights and international trade. Whilst the artist admits this period was a very exciting time of her life, on moving to London, she quickly realised that there was something missing in her life and felt deep down if she did not pursue music full time she would live to regret it.


Her new release “The Cure” marks the beginning of the journey into her album. It marks the very reason the artist chose it to be her first single.  According to Azadeh, her new single is one of self-discovery and explores feelings of overcoming self-doubt and listening to your soul’s calling.

“For me, my ‘cure’ is making music and anything else is a distraction and I found that a very powerful realisation in the song.  As for the rest of the songs, I wasn’t putting too much attachment on what I wanted to be on this record.  For me the priority was enjoying the songwriting and recording process and everything else grew organically around it.  Its all ended up making sense and being quite a musical journey of tension and release.”

Azadeh humbly admits she has  never been great at describing her music. Saying this, she highlights two things that are ever present. Firstly, being very lyric driven and secondly; honest.  The artist points to using songwriting as a tool to get all her emotions out, and of those observed in other people.  “Songs are all representations of our very core”.  Whilst “The Cure” is the beginning of her journey, her favourite song on the album is a piece called ‘Can’t Wait’; a whimsical unapologetic love song. A very light and romantic tune, which in the artist’s eye’s seeks to offer a feeling of when you fall in love and are walking above the clouds.

Invoking an Emotion

The artist is keen to invoke feelings from her listeners. For the artist, what is key when listening to a new song is how it makes her feel.  Highlighting that the importance lies in ensuring you feel somthing, and to build on that by invoking a specturm of emotion, whether euphoria or sadness.

She highlights how her family have always been incredibly supportive of her art.  Azadeh feels the major turning point was when she won a music competition. In addition to the strong network of friends who have been a key lifeline, supporting the artist at gigs throughout the years, in addition to the hardships faced by aspiring young artist. Azadeh highlights how the music industry can be a very lonely and dark place when you are not surrounded by the right people.

  “I was once told to do what I’m told as I don’t know what I’m talking about.  I think when you are a vulnerable young woman, these situations can be extremely damaging.  I’m so pleased I took control and removed myself from those toxic situations, even if it did set me back a few years. “

The artist admits she learned the hard way that some people are jealous of the creative alchemy of artists and want to steal their power through control of their business.  Opening up about experiencing her fair share of lows.  Azadeh explains about her challenges with depression in her late 20s when things we not going her way and felt like she was constantly climbing a mountain whether it was in love or in her career or her own feelings of self worth.

She is acutely aware of other people’s feelings and often absorbs them.  She highlights in order to deal with this, she practices acceptance and taking the time to recognise the signs. Allowing herself to utilize psychological tools to know what to do when feelings start bubbling over.  Such an example is through her wriring. According to the artist writing always helps to extract the emotions out, as does the right listener.

Social Media – The What If

For Azadeh, your chances of achieving success without social media are miniscule and with so much independent music out there free from labels its an incredible platform to be heard where you otherwise wouldn’t.  She highlights how it offers a great way to find the right following for your music and to test out your ideas.

Equally it is utterly important to find and surround yourself with the right people, according to the artist. “There’s nothing worse than getting stuck with a producer who wants to manipulate your sound completely away from who you are”.  Azadeh explains it’s vital to be able to gel with the musicians you are working with. As they are the ones you will be spending the most time with on the road; they become like your family.

In her free time, the artist loves to experiment with recipes, meditate, write, put on a great face mask and read poetry and tarot cards. She advises that for those interested in getting into music, to keep writing and writing and creating until it really feels right.  To not sit on anything too long if you love it.

“Our current fast paced world allows us to experiment in public while we are testing out our sound.  I used to love putting my demos out there and waiting to hear what people think and you never know who’s ears it might be drawn to.  Also performing in public is a big one.  You need at least a good 3 years of that before you can master your stage presence.”

Facing Challenges and Looking Ahead

The artist highlights her biggest challenge so far has been managing her own ego and moments of self sabotage.  For the artist, no one is immune to that. Currently working on promoting her debut single, she has plans to keep creating and making music for herself and others that predominantly make her  feel whole!

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