Dance/Pop sensation VAVO on Day N Night & Holding onto a Dream


“As artists, if we hear an inspiration or there is something we want to try, we are going to do it and do our best to make it great.”

Dance/Pop duo VAVO is the creation of Vancouver native Jesse Fischer and London born Alden Martin. The duo explain that they got into music because of a love and passion for dance music. Reminiscing, Fischer points out how he fell in love with DJing whilst on a spring break trip in Cancun back in 2012.

“We went to The City Nightclub and DJs like Avicii, Afrojack and Tiesto were playing each night. Seeing the way the performed, hearing the music, and watching the crowd’s reactions was an unreal experience. I was in awe and decided this is what I wanted to do.”

The duo subsequently connected online, and this is where their story begins. Alden, being from the UK, who was into producing and dance music long before the duo met up, with the genre more mainstream in the UK than it was in Canada at the time. We caught up with the duo following their highlight anticipated release Day N Night to find out more about their journey and plans for the future!

Day N Night

Alden explains how as artists, they are always looking to grow. The duo love to experiment with new sounds and for the boys thei new project “Day N’ Night” really shows that. Their goal was to make a sexy dance record that works both commercially and in the club. Having been listening to a lot of cool house tracks; the duo decided it was time to put their own twist on it.

Day N’ Night was a new sound for the duo. Going on to highlight how seeing how people reacted to the song right out of the gates was an incredible feeling. Explaing how their motto has always been about avoiding being typecast to one genre so they can make the best music possible. Off the back of people’s reaction to the record, the due have confidence within themselvs to continue working hard to push the boundaries and bring their listeners what they feel is their best music.

According to the duo, what is key to their success is what makes them stand out. They explain how they work incredibly hard to maintain attention to detail and production value. Aiming to always have a catchy and recognizable production complimented with strong vocals and great lyrics.

When it comes to their listeners, the duo explain what they have come to love over the years they have been making music, is that each listener has their own personal experience with their music. “That is the beautiful thing about music, its open to interpretation.” Their goal is to give people music that connects with them however they see fit. The duo hope this transcends into good vibes all around as penultimately this brings the artists real joy.

Finding Inspiration

Alden explains how their parents have been monumental to their success and drive. Having had their moments throughout their journey together, the duo point to a team that is a very tight knit family. “Max looks out for us and Alden and I are practically brothers, so we all always have each other’s backs. The good thing for us too is that we are a duo. Because it is two of us, it makes the long nights, big travel days, etc. a lot easier. Also, a lot more fun too!”. Highlighting the importance of having  good friends in the music industry regardless of the genre.  This they explain has helped with ideas, tips and tricks. For the duo, provided their team and those who support their music were happy with the end product, they knew they were in a good place. Equally, they point out that having friends in the industry who deal in other genres is good too because if you’re trying to appeal to a broader audience, their opinions are a good test.

The artists find social media as a fantastic way to instantly connect with fans, as well as give an inside look into their daily lives.  Highlighting the reasons for utilizing social media are the same as to why it’s vital to their longevity. “You can connect with anyone anywhere. It gives you access to reach people who may live on the other side of the world. It allows them to form a bond with you as an artist and connect with you on many levels. That’s a powerful thing. Because of this, we are constantly evolving and figuring out ways to grow our socials, so we can stay connected with our current and future fans.”

The artists believe it is vital to believe in yourself and not to let anyone tell you that you can’t do or should not do it. To hold onto your dream and pursue it relentlessly. To practice your craft day in and day out and make yourself the best person you can be.

Looking Forward

The duo highlight their biggest challenge so far has been overcoming the obstacles every up and comer deal with. “There were a lot of doors closed on us in the beginning, but now we are making a lot of noise and are kicking them down”.  The boys are currently focusing on supporting their new release, with plans to continue making making the best music possible, become the biggest DJs in the world, and constantly tour the world for their fans. “It is what we live for!”

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