Exclusive Interview with London based Production Trio: JADED


London based production trio Jaded have unveiled their latest single ‘Move It’, an up-beat dance anthem which utilizes a combination of their electronic, urban and garage origins.

With a pumping bassline and heavy hitting beats, ‘Move It’  fuses electro-synth tones with Jaded’s slick vocals forming a dynamic hit sure to dominate airplay this summer. The animated dance production follows the success of Jaded’s recent single ‘Slippin’, released on revered dance icon Don Diablo’s Hexagon label.

Growing up in and around London, the trio explain House and garage being massive parts of their youth and going to underground raves as teens shaped all of them. We caught up with the trio to find out more about their journey and latest releases.

Their music is an infectious mix of bumpy house, garage and techno sprinkled with catchy vocal hooks and character. Looking to people within the music industry, the trio explained it helped in the early days being around people with the same vision and passion as themselves:

We were lucky enough to be in with the right crews such as Black Butter and Dirty Bird (US) when they were pushing boundaries in the electronic scene. When working with artists it always helps if they have a shared visions and taste! Taste is the biggest factor in all of this!”

For those students looking to get into the music industry, the trio have the following advice

“Ask and you will get! Hustle! No one knows what the hell they’re doing, everyone is winging it and if they tell you otherwise they’re lying. It’s the wild west out here boy!!!! But seriously get good at what you want to do. Practice Practice Practice!”

With a total of 65 million streams to date, Jaded have cemented their reputation as one of the UK’s most diverse artists and gained global recognition with huge releases ‘Pancake’ and ‘In The Morning’ which secured radio playlists across BBC Radio 1, KISS FM and Kiss Fresh.

With ‘Move It’ set for release on Friday 10th May via Spinnin’ Deep, marking another exciting production by industry’s most diverse producers and is sure to cement a spot as this summer’s huge summer hit.