HC2 Decal Edition Stereo Gaming Headset – THE REVIEW


The HC2 by GIOTECK is a durable piece of gaming hardware, which is evident from the sturdy weight and fully adjustable headband. When I removed it from the packaging, I noted that the headphones had no outer style/design, but it became obvious this was due to it being a decal edition; it came within 3 different decals (2 with different shades of camouflage, 1 with a green-to-brown cascade of tiny blocks) with sticky adhesive for applying to the headset. I found this slightly disappointing, as despite the obvious Left and Right indications on the decals, it was challenging to perfectly align them on the headset. It would have been better to have had a clip-on feature for these colour schemes to create a more honest variety in appearance as well as more precise positioning.

It should be noted that the packaging indicates the headset are universal for PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, Switch, Xbox One X, Xbox One, XBox One S, and Mobile. Whilst there is a large variety of options, PC was not among them, so any prospective gamers should be aware of this. I did test it briefly on my PC to see if it would function, and whilst it did, the audio produced was quite tinny and not ideal for a good gaming experience.

I tested the HC2 on a Nintendo Switch. The audio was better than on the PC, but still slightly tinny. The packaging boasts lag-free audio and I was not disappointed, the sounds was instant and accurate. However in terms of comfort, I was able to wear it comfortably for approximately 2 hours before it became necessary to remove them due to pressure around the ears, but not before making multiple adjustments to prolong the need to remove them. Additionally, I don’t have any games which use chat features, and the Switch is somewhat limited in this way, so I was incapable of testing the chat feature at this time.

The HC2 Decal Edition Stereo Gaming Headset is suitable for amateur and casual gamers looking for a headset which has a professional look and feel. It is a good piece of hardware, but lacks the features which would escalate it to hardcore and professional gamer use.

3/5 Stars

Priced at £19.99   https://www.gioteck.com/

Ben Ryan – Gaming Geek