How to holiday like a Celebrity!


Written by Robyn Smith – Student Pages Lifestyle Journalist

Because not everyone can earn that Kardashian dollah!

Places like Ibiza and Magaluf are the party capitals of the world, where everyone from the Kardashians to Geordie Shore’s finest, who love to give us serious holiday envy with their super glam villa’s on Instagram and their V.I.P areas on Snapchat. And for someone who is a student and terribly skint, I would love to party it up in one of these places with my best friends, however most students are too busy paying ridiculous amounts of money to go to the terrible club that’s just up the road… I am prime example!

Okay to start being able to holiday like a celebrity, the party starts as soon as you hit that airport! Who cares if it’s only 6am and there’s only a couple of people at the Wetherspoons bar? You crack open that £10 bottle of prosecco or that champagne you picked up in duty free, get that down you pre-flight and the 8am flight won’t seem so bad, it’s a win-win! Definitely act like Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids when they’re going to Vegas for their hen do, that’s how it’s done… Just don’t get kicked off the plane.

Secondly, nothing screams high life like a villa. However, we’re students so we can’t afford a fancy villa most of the time, but who needs to know? Book your very own Kardashian-style hotel and just pretend it’s your villa! No-one needs to know about the Jet2 offer you hit up last minute. Remember to post those pictures of you lying by the pool, hotdog legs on full display as you live it up with your friends.

If you’re going somewhere like Ibiza, go to the big major clubs like Pacha where all the biggest DJ’s play, from Calvin Harris to David Guetta, name your favourite DJ and Ibiza will have them! I would be wise and tell you not to sneak up to V.I.P and get a quick selfie, but what celebrity doesn’t take selfies with other celebrities!? Do loads of pre-drinks at your Kardashian hotel, so you don’t get pulled into a bar where you need to pay 15 euros just for a vodka and coke.

Can’t get into Calvin Harris’s? Don’t fret! Just take the party back to your fancy hotel, no-one needs to know. Pop on that club playlist on Spotify, jump into that pool you’ve classed as private on your Snapchat, and get those free all-inclusive Sex on the Beach’s down you! But of course, look after all the people that are there. Now that’s a student kind of party!

And finally, make your friends jealous by posting everything on social media. I mean everything, what the temperature is by the pool, what your shower looks like, and especially what you’re having for dinner. If it’s not on Instagram did it really happen? Get O2Travel messaged and get those texts, calls and mobile data abroad… But don’t worry students, it only costs a fiver!

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