Fresh off the release of her single and music video, “Life Worth Living,” Love Keyyz drops her highly anticipated sophomore album, “I Could Be Dreaming.” We caught up with the Los Angeles based R&B artist following her latest album release. Music, she explains, that was developed over the course of her stint at music school. Referencing her two instructors who helped her discover her true self as an artist. 

“They encouraged me to create whatever that I desired. Because I worked with a vocal coach AND a pianist, I was able to join the two and really find my voice as Love Keyyz”.

The R&B artist describes her music as contemporary R&B mixed with Neo-Soul and Pop Soul. Heavily influenced by Adele, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce. She explains her music stands out because while it feels familiar (that old R&B nostalgia), it’s very fresh and unique. Pointing to the musicianship throughout her intricate harmonies and chords, and the authenticity and passion through her songwriting.

The inspiration behind the album stems from Love Keyyz last relationship. Highlghting how originally the album was due to be a compilation of love songs. Having sadly broken up during this period, she explains how she realized that she had grown too much as an artist to just throw it all away. Therefore decided to add in the heartbreak to give it a Side A/Side B vibe. She explains how this album will invoke all the feelings from pure joy, peace, confusion, sadness, rage, and hope. With this being said, the artist is keen for the takeaway to be that you can and will survive it. No matter what it puts you through.

The Cincinnati Dream

Love Keyyz explains how she used to be a dancer growing up. Going onto highlight how when her dance coach moved away, she only had music to turn to. She recalls how her uncle nurtured her singing hobby, and realized how much of a natural talent she was. The artist realizing not too soon after that she wanted nothing more than to be a musician/recording artist.

The R&B singer opens up about struggling with anxiety since she was a teen. Admitting that whilst she is not through the woods yet, when she looks back at “14-year-old me”, she is thankful that she is still here. “Talking to God and having faith in something/someone can do wonders for your mind. I’m not very religious, but I found purpose in it. Building a community in the spiritual world has helped me”. The musician explains her biggest challenge has been finding balance. That being an independent artist is no joke! It is not for the weak!         

Love Keyzz also recalls the trolling she has suffered in the past as an aspiring artist. “People think that words don’t hurt, but yet they do. How can we say words don’t hurt, but on the other hand, we thrive off of “good press?” There are words that I’ll never forget from people, music people in particular. Those words actually stole my confidence for years, but thankfully, I’m finding my voice again. I’m still here. Looks like I’m proving them wrong”.

Studying Your Craft

The artist believes it is key to graft and study your craft. Love Keyzz recalls how she entered this game as a self-taught teen, but did not really study her craft. She feels it is vitally important to invest in yourself. “Whatever that looks like. I took the school route because I went on a full-ride scholarship. But, don’t ever stop learning. It’s an ongoing grind, so get educated sooner than later”. 

Love Keyzz is currently working on show dates for the remainder of the year and new videos for the album. Off the back of it’s incredible success, she is looking forward bringing more music to her fans going forward! #watchthisspace