New Upcoming Artist Oli Fox on Discovering Player 2


Oli Fox originally ventured into the music industry as a writer, explaining how he was never confident as an artist until very recently. Fox’s humble beginnings started with spending time in the studio and writing songs for other bands & DJ’s. However, it was clear early on that Fox had a hidden talent, as labels started asking who was singing on the demos. This is where the young artists journey into building his own name begins…in his own words; his music best described as “bedroom produced anthems”.

“I want people to know they aren’t the only ones jumping toconclusions in their love life and they aren’t alone if they look in the mirror and wishthey were a model!” 

Discovering Player 2

Player 2 has developed the young artist creatively, with Fox highlighting as he made the song during quarantine, he learnt how to produce. The song, he explains, is about taking away the mind games at an early stage in a relationship. “It’s something I don’t think we naturally do, we use these facades as comfort blankets and more often than not it sends the wrong message.” He goes on to open up about how the song was a breakthrough moment for himself and how he is trying to be more transparent with everyone especially in his personal life. Through his music he is keen to promote transparency and owning the parts of you that feel awkward and against the grain.

Finding Inspiration

Inspired by his family who the artist explains have been core to Fox staying “switched on and focused”. Opening up about attending a secondary all boys school, where Fox explains he was scared to show who he truly was. Something he feels strongly stunted his growth creatively for a few years until he changed school where he found his clique who brought out the best in him.

“The lessons I learnt from then were that a lot of the time people bringing you down for being who you are, most of the time have insecurities in themselves which is why they lash out, rise above them, do you, back yourself.”

Fox admits to suffering from anxiety, which he feels is not solely himself, but a wider Singer-songwriter Oli Foxunderlying mental health impact across the music industry. He explains how artists are putting out their stories into the world to then be judged. He understands that you sign up for that level of attention, however, for the young artist, the industry really makes you question so much, where you find yourself overthinking what people think of you which can have an impact.

This is where finding people in the music industry that are a kin to the music Oli Fox is looking to produce, the artist finds so vitally important. The artist points out that you don’t just need a big fancy team that throw generic suggestions out. It’s more important to have a team that want to do exactly what yourself as an artist want to produce. This leads to a belief in others so that the project becomes a brand in itself.

What’s Next?

Fox is a long standing fan of Elton John and the Beatles. The artist explains how they have inspired his music, and the new songs he is working on. The artist believes you need to stop trying to write songs that will please everyone. To write songs that you love and the rest will fall into place. With plans to continue making music, and building his fan base, Fox looks forward to post Covid-19 so he can start gigging again!

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