Swiss London based Artist Miel de Botton on her latest new single Is It Enough?!


Swiss London based singer-songwriter and philanthropist Miel de Botton returns in 2021 with the release of Is It Enough?. The single is the follow up to 2020’s The Immunity Song.  We caught up with the artist following her latest release. The Swiss singer highlighting how she moved into the music industry quite gradually. Pursuing her dream of creative expression whilst seeking advice around improving her vocal ability.

Is It Enough?

Miel points out how the development of her latest release came before the song, with the evolution of the song finding its own unique expression. Referencing personal experience, she explains how she saw people often running away from their difficulties and soothing them away with substances or other addictive behaviours. The Swiss singer is keen to relay a positive message through her music, irrespective of the type of genre. She highlights how she enjoys a variety of genres to challenge her vocals, ranging from more contemplative to dance based music. All with an underpinning element of driving a message of hope through her lyrics and melodies. I would say that my music has a positive message, whatever its musical genre. I like to vary the genres from more contemplative to dancy, but there is usually a message to try and help and heal others in the ways that I have found useful.  I do think this makes it stand out, as usually such messages are more in the meditation music genre. I would like them to feel self-questioning because that is what I feel comes before a change. And then I would like them to feel soothed by the music and the suggestion of change that it has”.

Miel explains how her family has been the driving force behind her ambitious strive to be an artist. Highlighting how her father always encouraged her to make a profession of any passion. With additional mentions to her mother; in addition to executive producer (Andy Wright). Miel opens up about suffering from anxiety and depression as a young girl. Making a point of noting how in seeking to acknowledge the challenges she mentally faced at the time, helped her in pushing through the anxiety barrier, and creating a capacity from where she could move forward and enjoy life.

Looking Forward

The artist highlights the importance of networking in pursuit of your music career. With particular note on ensuring you make the most of every opportunity to collaborate with fellow artists. She admits how covid-19 has been an incredible challenge to manoeuvre through as an artist. Thus her focus is very much on promoting her new release and starting her new album, which she explains is in the very early stage of production.#watchthisspace