The Benefits of Volunteering From Home


Written by Thia Gayle – Student Writer

Have you ever wanted to work for a good cause whilst pursuing your passion and gaining valuable work experience but feel you don’t have enough time in your busy schedule? Well, volunteering from home may just be the perfect option for you…………

Creates sense of purpose: Most of us are guilty of spending hours endlessly looking at social media in our bedrooms but when we instead choose to devote our free time to volunteering for a worthwhile cause such as becoming a pen pal for people experiencing loneliness, it makes us feel we are using our time more wisely as we are offering support and comfort to those in need and making a positive difference in their lives.

Pursue hobbies: You can choose to volunteer for roles which closely match your personal interests. If you are passionate about writing then there is nothing more enjoyable than volunteering as a student blogger for your University.

Prepares you for the world of work: Whilst volunteering from home, you participate in a wide variety of tasks such as proofreading e-books and creating posters on Microsoft PowerPoint. This enables you to gain a real insight into working life and will make transitioning into the world of work after years of studying a lot easier for you.

Flexibility: Volunteering from home offers great flexibility as you can volunteer at any time convenient for you. You can knit clothes for premature babies once a week or transcribe historical documents online twice a month. The flexibility makes juggling other responsibilities such as studying or participation in student societies more manageable as you are not obliged to commit to volunteering any longer than you wish to.

Convenience: When volunteering from home, you get to avoid worrying about whether you are going to reach the place you’re volunteering for on time (We all know public transport can be a right pain sometimes!) and not being fully available to volunteer all hours given to you as would be the case with face to face volunteering. Only you decide when and how long you volunteer! You’re in charge!

Believe it or not, you benefit so much from offering your contribution to volunteering all whilst still sitting in your pyjamas in the comfort of your own bedroom!