Right, uni’s coming up! Your mum’s already done the embarrassing Facebook post to show how proud she is, and a few “aunties and uncles” you’ve never met before have congratulated you. And now you’re starting to scope out which freshers’ events you’ll be stumbling out of like Bambi on ice.

To help make your search for the best events that bit easier, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Below is a list of the best cities for freshers’ week and some of the hottest events in each. Remember, you’re only a fresher once!


Hot Manchester freshers’ events:

The home of the 24-hour party people is obviously going to make our list of best cities for fresher. With so many thriving music scenes, you can find Manchester freshers’ events to suit just about any music preference. Expect lots of cheap bevs, neon raves, inflatables, crazy pyro, and plenty of rowdy students to befriend and buy shots for.


Hot Birmingham freshers’ events:

Birmingham has some stunning freshers’ events at LAB11, The Mill, and SUKi10C – all clubs that are considered to be some of the best in Brum. But if you’re looking for something more underground, The Tunnel Club is famous amongst students with drum and bass tunes shaking the ground and a reasonably priced drinks menu. But no matter what music you’re into – hip hop, throwback bangers, disco, house, ABBA tunes, or pop – you’ll find it in Brum.


Hot Bristol freshers’ events:

As the UK’s HQ for DnB, Bristol’s nightlife is a dream come true. But Bristol can sort you out with a cracking party no matter what genre’s your vibe. And the Bristol freshers’ events are looking gorgeous. Motion and The Marble Factory are just two of the best clubs in Bristol (and the world, according to DJ Mag). Thekla is a cracking club in a boat! And there are plenty more to splash your student loan in.


Hot Brighton freshers’ events:

Ball pits, LED visuals, bull rides, UV neon glowsticks, inflatables, free sweets, cheap drinks, and every genre under the sun – Brighton is going hard for freshers’ week this year. There are loads of vibrant student bars and clubs in Brighton. Revenge is one of the city’s best LGBT clubs, and Patterns has a bit of everything in one with DJs, live acts, and an outdoor terrace. PRYZM is massive, and Revolution has great offers all year round.


Hot Cardiff freshers’ events:

If we’re being honest, there are so many killer freshers’ events in Cardiff, that we struggled to pick a few of the hottest. Most of Cardiff freshers’ events deserve a shout-out. With free Domino’s pizza, inflatables, international DJs, huge confetti canons, laser shows, beer pong, free sweets, and giant party games, these freshers’ parties are about to be the maddest of your life.


Hot London freshers events:

Okay, there are some Godzilla-sized opportunities here. Everyone knows there are killer clubs in London. And Egg is up there with the best, so it’s obviously worth a visit. And two of Egg’s freshers’ events still have free tickets available! Fabric is another big one, and they’re doing freshers’, too! Honestly, with the number of killer London freshers’ events, you’re spoilt for choice.


Hot Edinburgh freshers events:

Edinburgh’s nightlife is nothing short of legendary. So obviously it’ll be kicking for freshers. Want to go hard to Britney Spears? No problem. Want your face covered in neon paint while you skank to DnB? Easy. Or maybe you want to feel the beat of reggaeton while sipping your fifth double vodka? All of this and more is going down in Edinburgh this year.


Hot Glasgow freshers’ events:

Glasgow is another solid choice. The city’s always jumping into the early hours. And it’s a known fact Glasgow’s one of the best UK cities for clubbing. One of the standout freshers’ tickets is the wristband bundle. Granting entry to five different clubs, you’ll save money, make new mates, and figure out which clubs you should be hitting during your time at uni. But if that sounds too intense, there are plenty of other freshers’ parties that you’ll love, too.


Hot Leeds freshers’ events:

Leeds freshers’ events are always sublime. The city always hosts the best parties at some amazing venues, and the partiers… well, they know how to party. Beaver Works and Mint are arguably the best venues in the city. And you’re in luck! Both have freshers’ parties that look too good to be true. And if you act quick, you can secure tickets for a fair few events in Leeds for free!


Hot Liverpool freshers’ events:

Liverpool is going hard for freshers’. There are tonnes of events that’ll be absolutely insane, and some are crazy cheap too, with tickets for just £2. If you’re planning on saving so you can have a mad one with your new uni mates later on, Poundin’ : Modo is just £2 with £1 drinks. But there are also parties at 24 Kitchen Street, Hangar 34, Baa Bar, and loads of other sick venues.


Hot Newcastle freshers’ events:

No one parties like a Geordie. But don’t take our word for it. Get out there and see what it’s about their amazing freshers’ events! Howlers is home to one of the biggest ball pits in the UK. Just don’t lose your phone in there. The Lofts, Popworld, and Digital are some other clubs that are definitely worth a visit.


Hot Sheffield freshers’ events:

Sheffield has a lot more freshers’ events than you may expect. From free parties to silent discos, raves with video games in the smoking area (at Freshtival), and alternative parties to satisfy your inner emo kid, there’s almost too much choice. But hey, who said you can only attend one freshers’ event?

Uni can be the best years of your life. And Skiddle is here to help you make the most of your time there with the best events, guides to your best local clubs and pubs, and even budgeting tips and other freshers guides. 

If the city you’re moving to didn’t make our list, don’t worry. There are crazy freshers’ parties going down just about everywhere. Click or tap here to find the best fresher events near you.