Train Sim World 2 – The Review


As a game’s journalist, it is not every day that you come across a game completely out with your niche and preferred game style. But I love a challenge and I enjoy variety.

It is a good thing that I enjoy variety because Train Sim World 2 offers that in bucket loads. Want to be a passenger, sit back, and enjoy the ride? Or perhaps you want a more hands-on approach to driving the many different models of train in the game? If you are a curious and inquisitive person by nature, then you’ll get enjoyment from this game.

That being said it is designed with the train lover in mind – Dovetail knows who they are making the game for and have their target demographic down to a tee. 

I initially wasn’t sure what to expect from the game but found in-depth as far as the operation of the trains go. I did expect an element of building and customizing the trains or maps themselves, but then realized that wasn’t the intention behind the game. I was also surprised at the level of interaction you can have with the world and did not expect such a free-flowing experience.

A nice touch the developer made sure to include was various different regions with appropriate models of train to explore. Be it the US, UK, or Germany, you can let your curiosity run wild. The graphics of the game are decent by simulator standards, which is always nice, as simulator games can often skimp on this aspect. This makes being a passenger a joyful experience – you can watch the cities and countryside scenes roll on by.

Bonus brownie points for the built-in free-flying camera; position it anywhere as your drive or ride the train to get that epic angle you’ve always wanted. You can even have a bird’s eye view if you’d like!

Aside from all these perks, it is absolutely a game you will need some patience for. It isn’t a game that you can jump into a drive a train just like that. Learning what all the levers, buttons, and handles do inside the cabin is crucial to a train’s operation – an aspect that some gamers may find off-putting. The learning curve is big but rewarding if you enjoy simulators.

 The abundance of DLC does allow for you to customize the kind of game you want to play from a content standpoint. Overall, Train Sim World 2 is for gamers that enjoy variety, learning about a somewhat niche facet of the world, and for locomotive enthusiasts that enjoy all things on rails. In my view, certainly worth a try if you are looking for something new.

Stewart Storrar
Author: Stewart Storrar

Stewart Storrar is a filmmaker and writer based in Glasgow Scotland. Currently studying a BA in Media and Communications, he also runs two YouTube channels and his own, online publication. Stewart aims to being people stories that will stay with them for a lifetime.