US Artist Taurie on her new single Aesthetics & leaving Neurosurgery for Music!


“I was originally attending college for a career in Neurosurgery but had always had a love for poetry and music in general. I often wrote poems and added illustrations to them as an escape and release. One day I went to an actual music studio to help a friend create a play list for a party and never looked back”.

Though Neurosurgery helps people medically, Taurie’s passion for music became so overwhelming she had to pursue it, and realised very early on that she could help people musically by producing calming, good quality music as an escapism. We caught up with artist following the release of her latest single Aesthetics. Music born when the artist found herself journeying home and came across a “breath-taking sunset, which subsequently coincided with a tune she was listening to on YouTube. Taurie explains how they both reminded her of beautiful things around her that she is grateful for! Taurie describes her music as an intentional creation of escape.  “I always see that to be my message – escape from the daily stress with calm and de-stressing lyrics, musical arrangements, and my voice”. Whilst noting that some of her songs are a little upbeat, the essence of her music focuses on stirring the listener away from stress and hostility of daily life.


Taurie seeks to invoke feelings of hope, fun, joy and fond memories through her music. She points to her mother as being her strength in both as an inspiration and influencer leading her to this point in her career. Highlighting how she [mother] still advises her and directs her music videos. Taurie further highlights the importance of surrounding yourself with inspiring people, and in doing so explaining your dream will have no limits. “I was thin growing up and stuttered quite a bit which is why I developed speaking softly so people would not hear me stuttering. That soft way of expression is now my best asset in singing”. The artist opends up about dealing with a lot of anxiety based issues growing up.

Taurie highlights how her anxieties threw her into a depression which she openly admits was a challenge to push through. She recalls writing and drawing as a method of escape, and inevitably a healing path, or which music became the outcome…

Depression can put one in a dark place that has nothing but dark thoughts that weigh the person down. Do not give up. Keep fighting and remind yourself that another could be better than the day before, so why not try and give yourself that chance?”

Engines of Reach

For the artist technology has given the ability to reach a broader audience worldwide. Social media is one of the engines of this reach. It has enabled Taurie to me grow her audience globally and created an opportunity for growth for her as an artist. Music is a universal language and social media has become a favoured ‘translator’, she explains. The artist points out how she  engages her audience through Instagram and Facebook often, embracing the opportunities to learn about her fans as they learn about her.

When it comes to finding the right mix, the artist highlights the vital role it has had as an integral element to her development as an artist to seek and find kin artists. Noting how not only does she have the opportunity of introducing herself; the artist seeks to learn from the experiences and even collaborate with artist to create a stronger and more prominent presence during the production and distribution of music. She points out how collaborative efforts are often an addition to the growth of an artist both musically, socially and emotionally.

“The music industry is as vast as Technology or Medicine. They feel so overwhelming at first but very unique. Find your niche, tune out the ‘voices’, concentrate on your abilities and grow from there. Only your passion can drive your dream to the heights you want, and eventually everyone around will follow that passion. Stay true to yourself and be open to learning from others.”

Taurie highlights the challenges that have come with the Covid-19 pandemic. Impacting her ability to travel, reach her listeners and business opportunities. Looking to take in the positives, she explains how it has provided the opportunity to have some down time to work on her instrument lessons, in addition to working on new material. The artist is currently wrapping up two different albums, in addition to a Christmas single she will be releasing [requested by her fans]. Looking forward to 2021, Taurie takes the opportunity to plug the dates for her “Love Fest Show – Taurie & Friends” scheduled for 13th February 2021. With plans to stream live for her fans globally! #Watchthisspace

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