Let’s admit it, we have all got sucked into watching TikTok videos of people transforming their rooms – if only it was as easy as clicking your fingers!

We have pulled together some of the hottest interior trends on TikTok for you to use in your student accommodation to personalise it and make it feel like a comfortable and homey space to show off your personality.

  • Wall Art

You can get your hands on art prints online or in high street home stores – it’s such a simple, affordable way to add the colourful, artsy pop your room could be craving. Mix up the sizes and the frames for an eclectic look and you can even create a wall gallery – you could even position them so when you’re on Zoom calls, everyone can see your stylish background.

If you like to mix things up regularly, posters on your walls or noticeboard can show off your favourite movies, artists and albums. They are cheap and easy to change up – you can frame them or just stick them up.

Or if you want to surround yourself with your favourite memories, create collages of your favourite photos or select quirky preloved frames to show them off in. 

Make sure you use white tack instead of blue tack and command strips which cause no damage to the walls.

  • Green is good 

Plants are a great way to make a room homier, plus they always look good and add a much-needed pop of colour to your student room. Create cute collections on a shelf or windowsill with different colours and textures of pots – or even hanging plants. Plants improve the air quality and are said to improve concentration too. Although if you’re all about the aesthetic, fake plants will do the job just as well. It is all about curation and consciously selecting plants to create a collection your friends will be envious of.

  • Comfort in soft furnishings

There are two things TikTok loves more than anything right now, comfort and textiles.

Dress your bed with different textures and it will create a focal point and bring a comfy softness to your room where you can crash after a day of lectures and seminars. Whether it is knitted blankets, cushions, textured duvet covers or fluffy rugs, it’s all a great way to jazz up your room and add depth. The great thing is you can freshen up the look easily and fairly cheaply with the seasons just by swapping a cushion or throw.

  • Lighting

Everything looks better with fairy lights, right? Don’t save them until Christmas and make them an year-round feature. Simply framing your shelves or trailed around a headboard can create a softer ambience and a bit of sparkle. You can get battery powered ones to save on electricity – and you only need them on when it is really dark to get the right atmosphere.

Cool shaped lamps and statement bulbs are also trending right now – and ambient lighting is much more relaxing that using your bright, central lights.

Written by Sarah Canning