5 Tips to Help You Prepare for a First Date


Going on a first date is just a little bit terrifying. Go on, admit it. The first date nerves are definitely a thing, and one not to be ashamed of, since everyone has been there. Whether you already know them, have just seen them around campus or it’s someone you’ve met on a dating app, there is no doubt that those butterflies will be fluttering around your stomach. Once you’ve laid the groundwork and got that date in the bag, use these five tips to help you prepare for your first date.

1.      Choose a Cool and Casual Location

Where you choose to take your date for the first meet-up has a huge influence on how it will go. Usually, you want to try and pick somewhere with a good atmosphere, but you don’t want it to be loud and busy so that you can’t hear each other. If you’re feeling fun and adventurous, why not have a game of mini golf or bowling? A bit of activity is a good way to turn the heat up a little bit!

2.      A Little Gift Goes a Long Way

It may sound lame and cliché, and it doesn’t have to be big or expensive, but giving your date a little gift will put you straight in the good books for sure. If you’ve been chatting a little bit, get something that is relevant or that you’ve spoken about to show you’ve been paying attention.

3.      Dress to Impress

First impressions are everything. So, you’ve got to make it good. In this case, it’s worth splashing out. The critically acclaimed pieces from Alexander McQueen will give you a look that is refined and simple but showcases the designer’s endless creativity. Dressing head to toe in the men’s ready to wear collection from this established brand will leave your date speechless. Impressed, but speechless. And don’t forget to top it off with some sensual smelling aftershave.

4.      Keep the Conversation Flowing

One of the major concerns before any date is running out of things to say and talk about. Best case scenario the conversation will be endless and neither of you will want the date to end, but if that is not the case, then it’s best to have some ideas of topics and directions to lead the chat that won’t include too many awkward silences. Have a think before you go, just in case.

5.      Relax and Be Yourself

Yes, the nerves are there, but don’t let them get the better of you. Okay, so it may be a little bit awkward at first, that’s a given, but remember to relax. Your date is definitely nervous too, so make each other as comfortable as possible. Don’t just try and impress them at every chance you get with stories and pictures. Ask questions, be interested in what they have to say, relax and be yourself. You’ve got this.

Your prepared with impeccable style, casual conversation, and the perfect location; sounds like the set up for a first date to remember.