AlphaTheta Corporation announces the new AlphaTheta brand, leveraging the experience built under its Pioneer DJ brand. Two new products launch under AlphaTheta – the OMNIS-DUO, a portable all-in-one DJ system and the WAVE-EIGHT, a portable DJ speaker.

  • OMNIS-DUO – the perfect setup for throwing DJ parties anytime, anywhere with a battery power solution, as well as multiple audio input and output options
  • Portable speaker, WAVE-EIGHT, features ultra-low-latency wireless connection with a professional sound quality
  • With a built-in battery and waterproof design, the WAVE-EIGHT speaker is designed to enjoy partying and DJing anywhere
  • Both feature Bluetooth connectivity

Perfect for throwing DJ parties with your friends anytime, anywhere, the OMNIS-DUO is a portable DJ setup that is lightweight and compact enough to fit in a good-sized backpack, so it can be taken anywhere. It’s easy to set up and enjoy an authentic DJ experience in any location – even outside – thanks to its Bluetooth®/MD audio output function, battery power, 2-deck + mixer interface and touchscreen features. There’s no need to take your laptop or cables – whether you want to party at the beach, in a park, or even in a vehicle, there’s no limit. 

With the OMNIS-DUO you can get the crowd involved with its Bluetooth audio input function so anyone can connect their phone and play their favourite track. All the unit’s effects can be applied to the Bluetooth audio and there’s a choice of other input options too. This all-in-one DJ system will provide a party atmosphere for everyone and create unity through music. Its design adopts a distinctive indigo colour, inspired by the versatility of denim jeans, so it looks at home in professional venues and casual environments.  

Also launching under the AlphaTheta brand is the WAVE-EIGHT – a portable wireless DJ speaker that enables you to set up effortlessly and perform in places you never imagined were possible. The WAVE-EIGHT will help you bring the vibes to your party and with its SonicLink ultra-low-latency wireless technology, you can set up quickly, easily and cable-free – which has never been practical before due to the sound delay when using Bluetooth®/MD features. 

The speaker offers a professional sound quality even when using it outdoors, thanks to its high level of sound pressure and rich bass reproduction. You can combine multiple speakers wirelessly to suit the size of your party and, with easy-to-understand sound modes available at the flick of a switch, you can instantly find the right musical vibe. 

Having a party in an adventurous location? Whether you want to play next to a lake, on a hillside, or anywhere else, then the WAVE-EIGHT is the ideal sound solution. You won’t need a power source thanks to its 8-hour battery life and it’s even waterproof with an IPX4 rating. With built-in casters and an extendable handle, it’s easy to transport the speaker wherever you want to go. 


Since the introduction of the CDJ-500 in 1994, products with cutting-edge technology to help DJs excel have been produced. And as we look to the future, the AlphaTheta brand is committed to growing with the community of people who are connected by a passion for music and its culture. The OMNIS-DUO will be available for £1,369 and the WAVE-EIGHT for £859. For more information, head to