Be your Own Shakespeare


Written by Paweł Kuziemski – Student Writer

That is the biggest problem when you have your own column. I have to write something and I have no idea what to say. But this is my chance! I can say everything, I can make my readers cry, I can make them laugh. Became famous and remembered by everyone.

But how?! How to drag people’s attention? What topic should I pick? How should I construct my sentences? How can I conquer the internet?

Well, after a lot of PR studies I find an answer. It doesn’t matter. I can write whatever and I will get an audience. But it is not that easy. Your text has to fulfill some criteria. So here is my short guide on how to make your online text shine. If you will follow that, I can guarantee that the number of your likes will increase.

“Reading? Come on, that’s old fashion.”

And that’s true. People use the internet to relax, not to think. It’s much better to put one short sentence, a quote from something clever would be nice (and remember – we are not in Oxford gentlemen’s club, don’t go for William Blake or anything equally silly). But our post has to have something more – go for a picture. Big and colorful. It’s not really important what’s in the picture. Just make it big and colorful enough!

“ You had cereals for breakfast… Respect!”

One day I noticed that on one sports news website, there was a big article – “We know what Roger Federer eats for breakfast”. And it was more popular than the Wimbledon results. So that’s it – go for something trivial, don’t even try to be outstanding or different. Don’t try to raise questions and discussion. There are no rewards for that.

“Oh mate, that went out of fashion years ago.”

Again, you should always know what kind of selfie is the most popular one. And you will be burned in online hell if you will try to move even an inch in a wrong direction. That is the style and there is no escape from that. Don’t even try to consider the paradox that you have to follow the taste of your so-called “followers”.

This is how the internet looks like.  Of course, not everywhere and not always, but that is the trend. This guide was a funny, light-styled parody, yet there is a serious threat in it. This is what I’m trying to solve. And I think Valentine’s Day is a good occasion to make the first step toward solutions. Look, how easily this day can be destroyed. In all those patterns, pictures and fashions we can miss the point. Which is celebrating you and your love.

So here is my message: on Valentine’s Day, you will tell your love that you love her (or him) don’t do it like everyone. Be like Shakespeare. Do something outstanding. Write a poem. Sing a song. Paint her portrait and create a dedication.

And if you will post your photo go for a decent quote. Meaningful one. Something that will make your picture stay in my mind. Somehow. Because after all, the only thing that really matters in life is happiness. So do something… not even outstanding. Do something yours.