Podcasting 101: Your Guide to Podcasting


With podcasting continuing to develop as one of the most significant broadcast platforms we thought we’d write up a little guide to create a great set up for your home studio ‘set up’ or studio itself.

1st up, in the current times, you’re unlikely to be able to get people into the studio in person…no worries, there’s https://cleanfeed.net Quite simply the crystal clear sound makes Cleanfeed the obvious choice! Broadcast quality audio (no coincidence when you know who is behind it) that will sound amazing. Cleanfeed is a go to for Bauer Media, Global, Netflix and many others…nothing to download, you can use it through your web browser! They continue to receive rave reviews from some of the top djs, presenters and broadcasters.

2nd up, you’ll need a decent mic and headphones – there is a lot of kit in the market but there are some clear standouts! We would recommend the latest cool bits from https://www.shure.com/ The MV7 mic and AONIC50 headphones are great units that will give you fantastic speech and audible quality – our friend Marcus Bronzy https://instagram.com/marcusbronz is a big fan and long time user of their equipment. 

3rd, pick your subject – make it something you’re passionate about…are you all about the music, food, fashion? Whatever it is, you’re likely to have a few mates who also share similar loves…get them in and do a few test runs – it’ll be great fun and give you a vibe for what works.

4th, go for it!!