Cheapskate: How to BOSS Black Friday!!


Black Friday is going to be different this year that’s for sure, so what can we expect and how can YOU save money? Never fear… we’ve got you. With these 3 simple steps you’ll be able to BOSS Black Friday by making sure you know what to expect, what’s going on, and how to be first in the queue.

1. Let Cheapskate do the dirty work for you

Finding deals and discounts is hard work, download Cheapskate and apply any live deals/discounts at the click of a button. Cheapskate is a browser extension that collates all live deals and discounts for the website you’re scrolling on. Meaning the days of trawling through the internet looking for discount codes is over.
Cheapskate is completely free, saves you money and takes all the hassle out of Black Friday shopping, seems good right?
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2. Get ready for “Black November”

Technically, Black Friday starts on Friday 27th November but many retailers including; Amazon, John Lewis, Apple and Argos are kicking off sales throughout the whole of November. Here’s how you can get the most out of the month:
● Get Subscribed
Make sure you are subscribed by email to your favourite shops, you’ll get alerted first when their deals and discounts get dropped.
● Get Following
There are some great instagram accounts (like @joincheapskate, @studentpages) who will also alert you of great deals / discounts from online retailers that you may not think about. After all Black Friday is all about finding the things you never thought you needed.
● Get Inspo
You could be “Friday killer”or a “Friday chiller” but either way Black Friday is all about finding the deals and discounts. Whether you have your list at the ready or like to live in the moment, having a browse before the day may give you some gift inspo (or for yourself of course!)
● Get Organised
Many online apps now have that helpful ‘love’ button whereby you can store your favourite items ready for when you want to purchase them. Then use the Cheapskate extension on the day to instantly apply the deals/discounts and ‘voila’…sorted!

3. It’s a buyer’s market.

Hopping through the high street won’t be happening this year for obvious reasons, but this is a great thing when it comes to online shopping and Black Friday! Customers wont be seeing the usual in-store deals, and high street retailers are joining the online retailers this year.There will be more competition than ever before to get your business. With customers being able to easily switch from one shop to another from the comfort of their own home, prices are anticipated to be the lowest on record! So shop around, be picky and make the most of the sales!

Think Black Friday…think CHEAPSKATE.We understand this year will be overwhelming for some, keeping up with all the online deals, finding the best ones and ensuring you’re finding those money saving hacks. So let Cheapskate do the dirty work for you and BOSS Black Friday.