Exams: How to Believe in Yourself


Too much stress can cause some serious problems…

A little stress is good. It optimises adrenaline levels, heightens your performance and motivates you to get through a tough challenge

But too much stress means…

  • It’s harder to concentrate and solve problems
  • It’s a struggle to focus on the facts you need to remember.
  • Even simple decision become difficult

Fact: Stressing too much over exams isn’t good. Manage it and you will perform better by 1.5 GCSE grades

Develop a positive mind set.

  • Believe in yourself – recognise your own potential and aim to meet or exceed this.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. These are your exams and your future. All that matters is that you do the best that you can do.
  • Don’t let negative thoughts take over. Just because you have the thought does not mean that it is true or that you have to believe it.
  • Remember that life goes on whatever your grades. You might be disappointed but these are just one set of exams. Focus on doing the best that you can.

When you are feeling the stress, get talking.

  • Talk to friends. They’re there to help. Talking to them will help you realise you’re not alone and they’ll give you support.
  • Talk to your teachers or parents. They will have a different perspective to you. They can help you problem solve and find practical solutions.
  • Revise with friends. This can be great as you keep up your social life and you don’t feel isolated and alone.