US TikTok Sensation & Model Brooklynne Webb on embracing life Outside a Bedroom!


Brooklynne Webb has always loved being in front of the camera. The TikTok sensation/model opens up about embracing fun little photo shoots, and dressing up. Ultimately she believes that being invited by Coco Rocha to her modeling camp in NYC this year was the point that her modelling career trajectory really started to gain traction. She recalls how they learned a great deal about the modeling process and the business. This experience inspired Webb to work more towards being involved in the industry.

Out of a Bedroom

Webb’s journey into TikTok started through quarantine, and in her own words “complete boredom”. “I had no idea it would become what it is for me today—it completely changed my life. I love TikTok because it gives everyone a chance to be seen.  That’s exactly what happened to me! I was just in my bedroom making videos for fun, and all of a sudden it became a career for me almost overnight”. Humbled by the impact TikTok has had on her life to date, Webb points out that her ability to maintain her creative interest is only because of the hard work that she puts into each piece of content. She also studies the algorithm before posting, and identifies what trends are happening so she can put her own unique twist on it.

“I like to keep my viewers on their toes and not knowing what to expect next. I think that keeps me creative. One second I’m acting out a cringey POV, another I’m doing a popular TikTok dance, and the next I might be baking! I just love to keep my content entertaining at the end of the day, and if people are responding then it is at least keeping them engaged”.

For Webb, spreading the message that truly every body is beautiful is very much at the centre of her pieces. Through satire, she points out how the current beauty standards are so unachievable. She believes that people should instead be looking within to see that beauty comes from the inside, not from the perceptive persona being offered. 

Photo Credits: Lindsey Ruth
Just an Idea

Webb’s route into music was originally based off the idea of having some fun, and her new single “My Crown” was born. She wanted to make a song sung by a princess character, with particular reference to the princess she often portrays within her videos.Going for that very snobby, over-the-top, sassy vibe that a princess would give off if she were real made it a fun experiment to get my creative ideas flowing” she says. Webb wanted something with a focus on controversial one liners that was very over-the-top and fun! She also realized very early on that a lot of people on TikTok were transitioning into the music industry. She opens up about having always held a passion for YouTube and internet content, and with her love for music, most notably musical theatre; this felt like the natural next evolution.

All that being said, Webb feels her large social following is very much a gift. One which comes with it’s own set of challenges. She highlights how with a growing fan base, there are more and more trolls that choose not to like what you stand for, and very much like to be open about it. They seek a reaction to affirm their immature & nonsensicle behaviour.

“What makes having a large audience really special to me is that it’s a big responsibility. You want to try your best to be a role model and stand for things that really matter to you, and speak up when it’s needed. The ability to reach that many people and potentially make them feel better, inspire them, entertain them, or make them laugh is really special”. 

She explains that is easy to lose yourself if you do not stay grounded in your morals, and it is important to remember that at a certain point, everyone’s social media account was zero! Webb herself admits to going through moments of feeling unmotivated, tired/worn out, and she finds that channelling her passion for her content creation enables her to pick herself up. 

Looking Long Term

Webb plans to continue using social media well into the future. With modelling so close to her heart, she is committed to making a long term career within the industry.

“Short and medium term, I think I want to take this opportunity to show people who Brooklynne Webb truly is. I feel like I have been playing a character of sorts on my TikTok for a while now, and the real side of me rarely comes out. I want to show people the real me and my struggles, but also my triumphs and everything in between!”

Webb also hopes to explore her passion for acting in the future when the right opportunity presents itself, whilst not abandoning the tool that got her started in the first place.

Her advice is to place your art into the world. Whilst she admits that anticipating what people will think can be scary and “paralyzing”. She believes that putting yourself out into the world will enable you to explore incredible life changing opportunities.#watchthisspace