The Benefits of Living in Halls


Dismiss living in halls at your peril…there is a purpose-built student accommodation out there with your name on. Anyone can live in halls, regardless of what year you are in, what uni you are in, whether you’re on your own or with your group of mates. And as they are purpose-built for students, the operators have thought of everything, make your life super easy.

Everything Included

Imagine a world where you never get a bill – your water, electricity, gas, contents insurance and internet are included. You have a maintenance person on hand should anything go wrong – no call-out charges for a blocked toilet or the hassle of changing a lightbulb. And you might even have an on-site free gym and facilities like study rooms, cinema rooms and events organised just for you. The best part is that you only pay for your room – you’re not paying for a whole house or flat with your friends so you don’t have to worry about splitting bills or covering the rent if one of your mates drops out of uni. At a stressful time, this is the way to relieve yourself of the pressure of adulting.

Safety and Security

Most private halls have 24/7 security either in person or at the end of a phone. Add this to fob-entry access, CCTV in communal areas, a light, bright building in a city-centre location with hundreds of students coming and going at all hours of the day and you will sleep soundly in your bed at night. The staff will work as a minimum during office hours as well so they will be taking in your parcels (another benefit) so when you’re collecting your many Amazon purchases, you can find a sympathetic ear. They will have installed anti-bac everywhere for your own safety too.


There are purpose-built halls popping up all the time, so you will find a choice of modern, well-equipped, fully-furnished rooms and shared kitchens. You will find most have an ensuite shower room so you don’t have to share with strangers (or your messy friends) and your desk, shelving, wardrobe and bed are just in the right place with the right amount of plug-sockets. Your kitchen will be equipped with a fridge/freezer, oven, hob, enough cupboards and drawers for everyone and somewhere to sit and eat and/or possibly watch your favourite shows on an included TV (you will probably have to sort your own TV license though). 


Most purpose-built halls will be in city-centre locations so right in the heart of all of the shops, coffee shops, pubs, restaurants and transport connections you love. Quite often your university campus and the neighbourhood where traditional houses are wont be in the city-centre but that’s OK because realistically, would you rather travel to get to campus or travel to go out with your friends all the time? You’re unlikely to be in lectures for many hours per day so quite often, living near to campus isn’t the most convenient place to call home.

Private or purpose-built halls are the hassle-free option and it isn’t necessarily more expensive once you consider everything that is included that you would be paying individually for elsewhere. So make sure you check them out for 21/22.

Written by Sarah Canning – Student Accommodation Features Editor