How To Say ‘Goodbye’ To Anger


Feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt and anger contaminate peace of our minds and cripple happiness. Many people talk about the first three feelings and want to get rid of them, but forget about the anger because they fear they will lose their motivation, betray themselves, let other people hurt them etc.

Anger is caused by our own thinking, not by the behaviour of another person.

Here is how to get rid of anger:

1. Identify your anger. Find certain moments and events from this day in which you experienced anger. No matter how did you get in that situation, remember that it is you who is responsible for your anger thanks to irrational thinking.

2. Pinpoint the activating event. The event or the person did not cause you to be angry – it was your thinking.

3. Reflect on your thinking. Ask yourself what was the belief or self-talk in your head before you got angry. Put your thought in full sentence form as if you actually thought them out consciously this way. Get rid of them.

4. Debunk your irrational beliefs. Hold your anger-causing beliefs up as hypotheses to be critically debated, disputed, and debunked.

5. Re-indoctrinate your thinking. Replace your thinking and characterisations with more logical, data-based and supportive thoughts.

6. Act assertively. Ignore it and move on, if you can.

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