Third Year: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too


Written by Edward Little – Student Journalist

We’re not all the same, and some of us sadly have to work harder than others to get the grades that we want. This isn’t fair, but that’s life, and we’re all puttering along the best we can. What’s important is to remind ourselves what we’re getting from third year that isn’t just grades.

  1. Networking: When you’re a part of a society, be it sport or otherwise, you’re making valuable relationships in a field you enjoy. You not only learn how to work with a large group of people, but these people are likeminded and helpful to a skill you’re developing. During my creative writing degree, I benefited from the weekly feedback from fellow writers twice as much as I did from my tutors during seminars. Not that my tutors weren’t wonderful, but my peers had the advantage of living on campus with me.


  1. Work experience: Some people choose to work during their degree, some people don’t, but it can’t hurt your CV if you do. Work and references from employers go a long way after university, and if it happens you didn’t get the first you wanted, that two-one and a reference from Halfords can go just as far.


  1. Time management: I can’t stress enough that by the time you’re in your third year, you have struggled tremendously to get there, so well done you. The hardest part is upon you, but you’re trained to handle it without even realising. The final stretch of education is like a boss battle you’ve been building up your HP for since you were eighteen, and now you can take many more blows, because you know how to handle them. You realise when you need to avoid a hangover, you’ve become aware when not to waste money, and you’ve concluded that working in the student café just doesn’t work for you. You’re more rounded, you know how to handle stress, even if you don’t realise it.

In conclusion, when you’re called in for that last-minute shift don’t kick yourself for missing out on revision time. Grades matter, but you shouldn’t beat yourself up about prioritising a work, even in third year. There might be a few late nights in the library, especially when your dissertation is due, but if having a pint after a five-hour study session is what calms you down, then go for it. Remember that working hard is important, but sometimes indulging is a way of recuperating. Third year is hard enough as it is, so should take pride in everything you do as you confront the final hurdle.

Edward Little
Author: Edward Little

Edward Little is a writer and English teacher in Merseyside. He has an MA in Creative Writing and Publication, spends whatever time he can at open-mic events, and he has no clear plan for this future, except maybe writing the odd article.