Which Student Accommodation To Pick In Your City?!


When it comes to choosing your student accommodation in the city, which one do you know is right for you and which one should you choose?

If you are interested in student housing specifically and renting from a letting agent or landlord, then read this in-depth article.

I am going to imagine you want to live in a studio or apartment in a Purpose Built Student Accommodation block.

Reviewing Student Accommodation

Items you should look at to help you make your decision when choosing which student accommodation you want.

  • Bedroom – In particular, the size of the beds
  • Storage space
  • Overall Cost
  • Communal areas – are they a good size
  • Kitchen space
  • Their processes & policies – in particular, their cancellation policy
  • Price of deposits
  • Accommodation manager – What are they like, their social media is a good place to start!
  • Events
  • Location

Student Accommodation: It Is All Very Similar On The Outside

A lot of the accommodation in the UK from the outside looks quite the same, especially with some of the studios and apartments that they offer. They are likely to have similar amenities in their block also, for example, gyms, cinema rooms, games rooms, etc!

One thing to be aware of, some providers will call it a cinema, gym or games room and only have a pool table, football table or a very basic room. You should be able to see this in the photo and walk around.

Don’t be sucked in by these gimmicks, opt for accommodation that has put in proper facilities that you can use and has a good foundation for experience.

Why You Need To Focus on The Experience & Not The Gimmick

The biggest difference between student accommodation providers for me are:

  • Quality of the rooms and quality of materials they use
  • Their communal area functionalities
  • Policies & Contracts
  • Experiences they offer
  • Support they give

If you pick the accommodation because it has a gym, but come to find out it is just a small space then you are going to be frustrated!

Instead, focus on the process, is it easy to book and re-book, do they respond to questions in a timely manner and will they support you while you are staying with them!

Ways You Can Test The Experience and Stay Away From The Gimmicks

  • Ask them about their cancellation policy and how it might affect you if you can’t take the accommodation for whatever reason
  • Speak to the accommodation manager – This will give you a good idea of what the experience is like
  • Look at and read their contracts – do they offer flexible tenancies or half-price summer rent!
  • Always view if you can, take a walk around and see what the place looks like!
  • What’s included in their rooms, studios, and apartments, in particular, how are they designed? Is there any colour, features, or something to make it feel like home.
  • Wifi – Every student would pay extra for good wifi, make sure they have good wifi!
  • Finally, location. They can’t necessarily change this, but they can help you with the option of free bikes to use and potentially including tram passes etc!