5 Classic Student Fails at University!


Written by Robyn Smith – Student Pages Lifestyle Journalist

Moving away from home isn’t always the easiest, especially if you are sharing a flat with a group of people that only know how to burn water… So what happens? You all just decide to get pizza or Chinese, this is always the best solution since you can get what you want, whenever you want. This feels amazing at first, getting pizza every day of the week, until you are sick of looking at cheese stuffed crusts, if that’s even possible!

Of course if you’re in first year you want to meet new people and party or just generally enjoy your independence for once, but don’t forget about all your assignments that are due. You don’t want to feel depressed from failing your first attempt at something you could have passed on. Especially getting on the wrong side of your fave lecturer, that’s never a fun thing. Or your parents, that’s worse.

Unfortunately, chatting to your flatmates and playing drinking card games until 3am will most definitely not be a good mix with your 9am lecture. Remember to back up all of your work. You don’t want to be sitting at 11.45pm with a assignment that’s due at 12 and your laptop freezes, reboots itself and decides not to save those 500 words you’ve just added to a report. Don’t fret if this happens, you can pull it back, but remember to back up beforehand!

It is ill advised to go food shopping when you’re starving, because you will probably spend it on food you don’t/won’t eat in a couple of days. But pot-noodles and cheesy pasta is a must… They’re acceptable, since all students live on them.

And finally, a classic student move of forgetting your keys and locking yourself out. You’ll leave your keys literally anywhere but your pocket and you’ll need to ring your flatmates to let you in which usually takes way too long, purely because they will be finding it absolutely hilarious!

For all these endeavors, University life is an experience you will never forget. So embrace it, don’t be afraid to be a little crazy. Inevitably you will find yourself embarrassing yourself in some manner. However, you won’t be the first and definitely not the last!

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