Things You Learn as a Student


Written by Robyn Smith – Student Pages Lifestyle Journalist

First of all, the first thing you’ll realise is how much the taxi costs from your flat/house to town. I don’t live in halls, however the most common thing I hear when getting ready for a night out is; “THE TAXI HAS JUST ARRIVED!”. It doesn’t even need to be a night out, you can either be going to get your food shopping or coming back with loads of bags, either way you’re thinking that you don’t want the evil eyes off of all the oldies on the bus while you take up two seats with your shopping. You convince yourself you’ll be healthy and fit and walk everywhere, but then again, what’s the point in walking when you just pay a fiver for a taxi right? Think about that when you wake up one day and all your student loans have been spent on getting taxi’s everywhere!

Your student card is your true love, know why? Student discounts, baby! Okay so, you’re probably living off a student budget (I know I am), and you want to spend as little as possible, so even just 10% off for students is a life saver. This is the difference between supermarket brand food and beans on toast. Don’t be like me and forget it sometimes, cause it is very frustrating when your favourite shop has student discount when it doesn’t normally.

Your timetable and lecturers may say you start at 9am, but that really means quarter past 9. At the very start of the year, if you’re a new student or a reoccurring student, you always arrive to College or University 5 minutes before you are meant to start, it’s what good students do! Until it gets harder to get out of bed and you start turning up late because you want an extra 10 minutes in bed. Then you realise everyone else has that idea and your classmates start turning up late too, till the point your lecturer gives up and changes the start time to quarter past. Unless you’re that one person who is ALWAYS on time.

Sleep is overrated. Well, it isn’t really. As a student myself, we all know that sleep is our best friends, how many times a day do you yawn during lecture’s? We all plan to go for a 45-minute nap when we get home and then continue doing our college work. But that never happens. Ever. So you get home ready to take your power nap and as you’re just getting comfy with a pair of joggie-bottoms on, then you start to remember all the deadlines you have, all the work that needs to be done and the promises you’ve made to your best mate about going out for a bit. Not to mention the 1000-word report that’s due the next day!

Do students pull all-nighters to finish assignments due the next day? Never. Well, maybe one or two students do. Those students are a rare breed, like Yetis or the Loch Ness Monster. Sure, they exist, but no one’s ever seen them.

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