Benefits of incorporating travel in education


Student Blogger Rachel Hosie, gives her insight into the benefits of incorporating travel in education.

What are your reasons for travel? (e.g with school, family, friends, volunteering)

I’ve travelled for all sorts of reasons over the years – school or university trips, tours with choir or a drama group, business when I’ve been interning, holidays with family, exploring with friends or even just by myself.

What has your favourite trip been?

Undoubtedly my two months travelling in South-East Asia. Every day I learnt so much about new cultures and everything was so different to back home, which was fascinating.

Would you say that educational trips strengthen relationships with subjects?

I think going on a trip linked to something you’re studying can definitely be inspirational, yes, and hopefully motivate a student to keep working hard!

Do you think that travel gives you a better understanding of countries, culture, or topic areas?

I think travel is without a doubt the best way to understand other cultures and countries – there’s only so much you can learn from books… You have to get out there, meet people and experience things for yourself. You’re much more likely to remember things that way too.

Do you think travel has an effect on inspiration?

100% yes. Sometimes you need to get out of your everyday world in order to open your mind.

What do you think about the preparation of educational trips?

Preparing is important, but one of the things I learnt on my year abroad is that you can’t plan everything – now I just remember I am a competent adult who has a brain and can work things out, and everything will be OK.

Has higher education given you the opportunity to travel more?

My year abroad is the big one! However I also went to Paris with the university French society and Berlin with the German society which were really fun trips.

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