Best hangover cures, safe tips & tricks to banish it!


Written by Robyn Smith – Student Pages Lifestyle Journalist

Summer is unfortunately coming to an end and at some point in the next couple of weeks, some of us are going back to University, College, or work. I would ask the question of how many of us over-indulged ourselves during this time, but then again, who am I kidding? Of course we did! Struggling to cope with wine and vodka induced comas? Fear not, as I have some tips on how to get rid of it!

Everyone has had one of those “I feel like utter death” moments, whether it’s a Saturday, Sunday or even the odd Tuesday. It’s time to take matter into your own hands by banishing what feels like Satan itself, and if you’re hungover at work, I feel your pain even more.

The big thing about avoiding a hangover is to have alternative drinks. Don’t drink a lot of fizzy drinks with your alcohol, as this speeds up the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. Drink water before you go to bed, and if you feel like you’ve had too much by the end of the night start drinking water then too… Wish I took my own advice!

Some good sleep is what you need. I mean, we probably lie in bed all day pretending that we’re dying however, sleeping is the best way to get your body back to recovery! So the only time I suggest getting out of bed is for the love of my life, food.

Which brings me to my next amazing point. What to eat and drink for a hangover cure? For me there is nothing better than a good old fashion takeaway. I usually wake up round about lunch time after a night on the town, so it’s straight to McDonalds for me! Gherkins are my saviour, possibly due in part their nutritional value. It would also seem that by that very definition, they are the bane of my life. Double Cheeseburger anyone?!

There is the old wives tale that lining your stomach with a huge meal will reduce the risk of getting drunk. However, be weary, that this simply slows the flow of alcohol into your system. Drinking on an empty stomach is likely to get you drunk faster, however, this in turn will potentially leave you in a worse state in the morning!