Making The Most Of Your Student Summer


Written by Robyn Smith – Student Pages Lifestyle Journalist

Get ready folks because before you know it summer will fly by so make the most of it count!

 Summer for students is such a magical time. No more exams, no more stress filled days of fear for you missing deadlines. Aside from binge watching your favourite TV shows on Netflix and sleeping the 8 weeks away, I’ll give you a few things you should do with your summer!
Travel and go on holiday! This is a favourite. Travelling and going abroad is an amazing adventure, if you can afford it of course. Try go somewhere like America or Spain and make the most of it by getting super tan and making all of your friends back home jealous! You’ve probably met some people in your course that are from around the world, make plans to go see them in the Summer and explore their part of the world.
Get fit! I know, how awful does that sound… However, after weeks of drinking, partying and eating takeout, your body deserves some TLC, and summer is the perfect time to do so! Whether you run a couple of days or even minutes in front of your favourite celebrity’s fitness DVD, just a little helps make you feel good.
Get your best mates together and organise to go to the most banging festival of the summer. Don’t worry about all the mud and miles of walking you’ll need to do, just enjoy yourself! You could go all out and go to some festivals abroad, such as the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Spain. However, if your bank account is looking a bit depressing, stay local and try get some decent cheap tickets. Look out for deals, especially those where festival goers are trying to flog off their tickets as they can’t go.
Spend some quality time with your family. Going back home after living independently can sometimes leave you feeling like a jigsaw piece that doesn’t really fit anymore. For everything to return back to normal make plans with the family! Even if they annoy you, try your best to enjoy the time you have at home before you’re back at University again. Plan a day trip and go for ice cream… It’s the little things!
Finally, make a summer bucket list! Got a list of things you want to do but haven’t got round to it yet? Write it down and try tick a few things off in the Summer! Whatever you decide to do, just make the most of your time off, because before you know if you’re back at University stressing about assignments. It’s your summer, enjoy it!

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