Low maintenance Pets for New Graduates!


Starting university brings many new challenges and things that you have no choice but to adapt to; living away from home in a house full of strangers from all walks of life is just one hurdle to jump. Without your usual home comforts, many new students find themselves homesick at a time where they should be enjoying the raucous activities of Fresher’s Week.

One of the things that people most miss are their pets. While many universities and rented student housing won’t allow pets, there is nothing stopping you from getting a four-legged companion once you graduate. Finding an animal that can fit around your busy schedule can be daunting, but there are many low maintenance species out there.

A Student-Friendly Companion

Once your uni days are over, your main priority will be getting a job in the sector that you are passionate about, which can be extremely time-consuming. Even so, creatures like hamsters won’t take up precious daylight hours, since they are nocturnal, and require little training.

The ferret craze has also taken the world by storm. Despite their notoriously pungent smell, which the Blue Cross gives as the reason they have been traditionally kept outside in the past, people have grown to love these slinky animals. They are known to be master escape artists, but can be taken for walks with a harness and leash. They are also excellent at fitting into small spaces, so they should be supervised when they are playing outside of their cages.

If you are someone that wants a bigger animal, but one that still has some level of independence, than a cat could be perfect for you. Although they can be cuddly and affectionate, cats tend to keep more aloof, often spending their days wondering their outdoor territory. This leaves you with plenty of time to do your everyday tasks, while reserving the evening for bonding with your pet.

For those that are missing the love and fulfilment that a pet can provide, don’t worry. It won’t be long until you can experience that again with a low maintenance animal that can fit around you and your newly graduated lifestyle.

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Amber Hill
Author: Amber Hill

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