Beth Greenwood: A Student’s Insight


Ever wonder what students really think about educational trips? Find out here, and get the inside scoop from student blogger Bethany Greenwood.

Do you travel often?
I try to travel as much as I can. I’ve never been one that enjoys staying in the same place so if an opportunity ever arises to take a trip somewhere I’m always the first to get involved!

For what reasons have you travelled before?
Mostly family holidays or an odd school trip but more recently I’ve been taking a few days here and there just so that I’m not in the same place all the time

What do you study and where?
I’m currently studying International Business Management at Manchester Metropolitan University

Does your course offer the opportunity to travel? Do you wish there were more opportunities to travel?
Not as much as I’d like. The main opportunity that we have is to either study or work abroad during our 3rd (or placement) year but other than that there aren’t a lot of trips. I think more should be offered with regards to educational visits, it is an international course after all!

What has your favourite educational trip been (be that in school, university or sports team)
My A-level Business classmates and I had a week in Berlin to visit some companies in the business district. We got to go to the Coca Cola offices which was such a great experience. Getting to see the workings of a global business was definitely memorable

Would you say that educational trips alongside your studies have strengthened your engagement with certain subjects?
Definitely! I think educational trips are so much more beneficial than sitting around in a classroom reading textbooks or answering questions. Having the ability to go out and experience different countries and actually getting involved in the subjects has such a positive and lasting impact

Do you think that travel gives you a better understanding of countries, culture and relatable topic areas?
Yes I think that travelling is one of the best ways to learn about different ways of life. You can watch films or read about other people’s adventures around the world but the most inspiring and educational thing is the ability to explore.

Do you think travel has had an effect on you? (be in personal or educational)
Travel has changed my perspective on so many things and I’m certain it had an effect on my grades at school and college. Before a Science trip in high school I was averaging C’s on all my test papers, after the visit I was getting B’s and A-‘s!

Do trips in or outside of education have any effect on your enthusiasm levels?
Yes 100%. I’m always eager to try new things and experience new places and I’ve noticed a difference whenever I get back from a holiday or trip. It’s like getting your batteries recharged!

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