Prom: Your Guide to What’s on Trend!


Written by Joanne Phillpott – Student Writer

Yes, it’s nearly that time of the year again and with your exams (nearly) out of the way, it’s time to focus on your Prom, a.k.a. the biggest calendar event of the year. Now, picking an outfit certainly is daunting, but don’t worry, at Student Pages we want you to look your slickest for the evening and we’re here to guide you through what’s on-trend and what’s not.

The check suit

Yes it’s modern, but with a check suit you’ll look bang on point. It’s subtle enough for you to look part of the crew, but different enough to be king of your pack. This season it’s all about navy blue – subtle, sophisticated and super suave.

Pastel shades

Dark colours not your thing? That’s OK – we understand not everyone is the same. This year, coloured suits are so on-trend, which means you’ll be looking dead stylish whilst feeling yourself 100%. Blue, green, pink or a something totally different, the choices are endless.

 The Tux

This prom you’re looking to catch a certain lady’s eye, or you just want to dress to impress no-one but yourself. Whatever it is, then, rest assured, a tux is perfect for stepping up your game and being one smooth gent for the evening.

Slim, skinny or tailored?

Ok, so it’s kinda scary when having to pick a suit fit. So let’s think of it this way: a skinny fitting suit is narrow on the shoulders and sits really close to your body. They’re made to create a sharp silhouette of your shape. Slim fit suits are similar, but just a little bit more room. Your jacket will sit close to your chest and shoulders whilst the trouser legs will be tapered. For something more classic, opt for a tailored suit – it has a natural shoulder line, a narrower waist and tapered trouser legs.


So, you’re the kind of guy who likes to do things a little differently? Great – this year the sun is shining on you. Florals are big, and when we mean big, we mean totally on trend. It really doesn’t matter how you incorporate a floral print into your outfit, but we suggest if you want to make an instant impact, opt for a shirt, or for something a touch more subtle, go for a printed tie. The colours? We’ll leave that to you…

Shoes – the finishing touch

Now you look the man from head to toe, don’t forget to pick the right shoes. A classic brogue or Oxford will always go down well regardless of your outfit, but if you want to be a little different and you’re wearing cropped trousers, why not try a loafer? They’re a little more comfortable than a formal shoe, which means more time on the dancefloor.

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