Four Reasons You Should Join University Societies


Written by Thia Gayle – Student Writer

If you are one of the large number of students who attended Fresher’s Fair and signed up to as many societies as possible but never actually got round to joining a society, well now is your chance! Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on participating in societies at University:

Expand your social circle: By joining societies, you get to meet students from outside of your course and shared accommodation with similar interests who you otherwise wouldn’t have come across. If you enjoy baking, you can become a member of the baking society where you can interest with students who love baking as much as you do!

Broaden your horizons: As there are a wide variety of societies to join such as Sociology and Dance, you are given the chance to try something different and discover new interests you never knew you had. You may be a massive fan of reading but after joining the cheerleading society, you gain a newfound passion for cheerleading. However, if you find that you don’t enjoy a society as much then you can always decide not to participate again. You would have at least given it a go and know that the society isn’t for you. That means there are plenty of other societies for you to try out which may be more of an interest to you!

Enhance CV: Through participating in societies, you build a broad range of transferrable skills such as written communication and time management which will look impressive on your CV. If you choose to join your university’s magazine society, you are given the chance to regularly publish articles on various topics such as music and friendships and this would demonstrate to employers that you are able to write to a consistently high standard. It would also show that you are capable of effectively balancing being a member of a society alongside other commitments such as studying and part time work.

Explore your creativity: If you feel none of the societies excite you, then you have the choice to set up your own society! It can be anything from the Knitting Society to the Walking Society. It is entirely up to you! Contact your Student Union if starting a society appeals to you. Remember without voicing your ideas, the society will never exist. Not only that, it won’t be as easy to set up your own club when you eventually enter the world of full time work so it is best to make the most of the opportunity whilst you still can at University.

Taking part in societies is a great way to enrich your time at University as it enables you to build new friendships, broaden your horizons, boost your CV and explore your creativity. So now is the time to take a look at all the societies on offer at your University’s Student Union website and make an effort to join societies and you will see for yourself why it was all worth it in the end!